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Get ready for green living with these five new environmentally friendly home
innovations. Thanks to the growing interest in living green, great new products
have been coming out of the proverbial woodwork. There are many new green
friendly home innovations that are unique, stylish, and of
course, helpful to the environment. Whether you have been living green for many
years now, or whether you recently made the choice to live with less impact on
the environment, chances are you will find what you most want by checking out
the latest round of green catalogs.

There are many catalogs out now that allows you to shop for products that offer
you an easy way to live in a more environmentally friendly matter. With the
threat of global climate change becoming more prescient each year, it has become
clear that even those of us who would not describe themselves as
environmentalists will have to make some adjustments in the coming years as
global warming
becomes an even more urgent cause. Thankfully, there are
scores of cool new products and innovations that can help the transition that
much more easy for you and your family. Here are five environmentally friendly
home innovations that will keep you content and green.

1. Solar Lights. Solar lights are the latest things to use in landscaping your
yard. Not only are they lovely to look at, they are very environmentally
friendly. Solar lights can be staked to the ground wherever you wish to place
them in or around your property. They contain strong solar panels that absorb
the light’s warm energy all day and then radiate it back at night in a smooth,
soothing glow of light. There are many different models to choose from.

2. Backyard Composters. The new backyard composters make it easier than every to
recycle your yard waste and kitchen scarps. Simply put all of your waste as
indicated into the large spinner and turn to aerate the soil. Keep the compost
slightly wet and spins the waste often for the best and fastest results.

3. Composting toilets. If you are really into keeping the earth waste-free, you
may be interested in the new composting toilets that are geared toward the
environmentally friendly crowd. These fine toilets work just like regular
toilets, except that they compost much of your waste.

4. Solar Flashlight and Radio. Every household needs a good radio and
flashlight. Why not get both in a cozy package that is not only convenient, but
also very environmentally friendly? The solar flashlight and radio package
allows you to charge the device simply by letting it sit in the sun. You can
also turn the crank whenever you need an extra dose of power.

5. Rain Harvesting Barrels. Indigenous people in many parts of the world,
especially the dry places, have long done rain harvesting. Rain harvesting
barrels work no matter where you live. They are a great way to be much less
wasteful of one of the earth’s most important natural resources–the
rain. This is especially important in desert areas that do not receive much
rainfall each year. With an ongoing drought, it makes sense to conserve and safe
water whenever possible.

These are just five of many of the fine products that are currently available
for those among us who want to live a more reasonable and environmentally
lifestyle. It is now easier than ever to make a positive impact on
this world. This happens when you live greener each day, taking each green day
one by one. Simply making one small change each week can help make a big
difference in the world.

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Author: Walter Schneider
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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Walter Schneider

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  1. Everyone takes measures to protect their homes from potentially damaging elements. With global climate changes bringing unexpected weather fronts and destructive storms, we need to rethink our approaches to weatherization.

  2. I like that you go straight to the point in your latest posts, appreciate!


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