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According to the home inspection standard practice set by the American Society of Home Inspectors, it is a MUST for all qualified inspectors to perform a minimum job scope to their clients. At the same time, they are not allowed to provide services which are not related to their profession.

In the real world, it is the responsibility of the professional inspectors to conduct evaluation and examine all the physical conditions of the following:

· Structural system especially the foundations, wall and roof framing
· Roof system and chimneys
· Exterior building surfaces and components
· Plumbing system
· Electrical system
· Interior building surfaces and components
· Heating system, fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances
· Air conditioning system

Besides extensive inspection, the inspectors are also responsible to provide diagnostic and repair advice to the home owners, realtors as well as the potential home buyers.

However, it is a general prohibition for the inspectors to perform any repair work on the properties they inspect. They are strictly prohibited to offer this additional service to generate extra income.

On the other hand, if the home inspectors have adequate knowledge and skills related to environmental test, mold testing, radon testing, septic testing, termite or wood destroying insect infestation, energy audits and so on, they are allowed to offer additional inspection services to their clients. Anyway, these services are not compulsory.

In order to become the first rated home inspectors, they are encouraged to obtain learning opportunities in their states. They should attend educational conferences and seminars to keep themselves updated with the latest standard home-building codes, building information and real estate practices.

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