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Of course, it will!

What is likely to occur if our global conditions should get warm enough to cause the seas to inundate the lands, possibly drowning out some of our species?

Predictably, this will be quite a major consequence of global warming, but only if it is the only condition that is alterable by this warming event during that time.

However, it is most certain that it will not be the only sustainability condition to be affected, as there are a myriad of other worldwide phenomena, which will also be subject to alterations of their specific conditions by any rise in global temperatures.

During its existence, this planet, (which to all intents and purposes seems quite capable of looking after itself), has been subjected to many episodes of change, and has survived. Therefore, it seems that no matter what we may attempt to change, the planet will try to keep its own identity stable by restructuring its own survival criteria. These courses of action may initiate some natural counter measures, which could have some adverse effects upon our own lives, like the imposing of very different conditions of sustainability and other negative restrictions upon our lifestyles that we may not like, but will have to endure as our planetary conditions warm up..

In an attempt to answer the question of, “What could occur if the Ice continues to melt at its present rate”?

Of course, the ice has to melt due to this global warming effect, but this does not necessarily mean that the sea levels around the continents will rise to reflect the amount of ice that has melted.

It will also mean that there will be a lot more water going into the ocean basins, which will be subjected to increased evaporation because of the extra heat over the land and ocean surfaces. This extra water vapor will be uplifted to the cloud layers until it is cooled by the atmospheric conditions into condensation, which will then be returned to the surface of the planet as rain, which helps to cool things down.

This method is just one of natures ways of combating any global warming of this planet.

Sounds easy, but do not be fooled by its simplicity, because when it rains, these rains will be of increased capacity and ferociousness, causing extremely severe storms, with massive flooding and accompanying land erosion.

This is exactly what is occurring now, and it is only in the early stages.

So apart from getting extremely Sun burnt, or occasionally severely flooded out, we may have a couple of pluses in store for us, like a new land mass at Antarctica to play with, or more places to go swimming in (Big, big puddles). Alternatively, there may not be any snow on the mountains, so skiing could be out too. Some of us will have to shift habitats, and some of us will die over these effects. However, that is life, win some, and lose a lot!

To try to put this into a reasonable perspective scenario, we should ask ourselves questions, like,

Is this warming caused solely by the inversion blanket of relevant greenhouse gases that are allegedly encompassing the earth as of the present time?

Is this warming caused because the Sun is now slightly closer to the earth than it was years ago, or has the earths orbit gradually moved it closer to the sun? Alternatively, has the sun increased its radiance of heat rays into space? Maybe its emitting more ultra violet rays etc, than it has usually done in the past. Has its nuclear reactor process started into its melt down phases?

However, it could take many Millenniums for these last stages to occur, but occur they will. Alternatively, this very process could be starting right now.

There are hundreds of other questions that could be asked, regarding the reasons for this global warming occurring at this period of our habitation of the planet earth.

Nevertheless, the main one is.

Are we causing it to happen? On the other hand, is it perfectly natural?

One answer to the first question above is yes, we humans are excessive polluters of the planets protection resources, which she has perfected fairly well, and has had in place for many millennia.

We also strip the lands of large areas of trees to satisfy our hunger for profits and productive land. These trees, which we cut down, or destroy, are one of the main stays in the fight against the polluting effects of the carbon dioxide greenhouse gases.

An answer to the second question is that the planet itself is also guilty of causing destructive havoc to its own creations. Its volcanic activity programs spew smoke and ash into the atmosphere, and raging fires destroy the precious greenery that traps and uses some of those greenhouse gases, to manufacture the sugars and various other necessities they rely on for their continued existences.

Other natural phenomena like earthquakes, floods, swarming locusts, etc. etc. perform similar destruction of the planets greenery too.

Whatever all the related reasons may be for this global warming occurring now, there will be restrictive and possibly dangerous consequences for us to bear with in the future. To avoid these stresses, this situation has to be rectified somehow, either by nature, or by our own concentrated efforts, in an attempt to control, or help the situation return to a more acceptable prognosis.

Colin N Atkinson.


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Author: Colin N Atkinson
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