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The Copenhagen Climate Summit on global warming was a disaster in the making. Anthropogenic or man-made global warming is still hotly disputed. Many believe there is a small amount of anthropogenic warming but not enough to enact life altering regulations. The United States economy is in a recession with unemployment over 10% yet Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised the moon to developing countries. Sure the 100 billion dollars promised is suppose to be from what the U.S. can gather from other industrialized nations too. But how? It does not stop at 100 billion either.

The 100 billion is suppose to be an annual figure by 2020 which can plunge the U.S. into a deeper recession. And do you think for a minute that most of the monies will not come from the United States? People complained about President Bush throwing money around. The Obama administration with bailouts, stimulus cash and a proposed healthcare legislation have a deficit in the trillions of dollars. And this is not including hundreds of billions of dollars allocated to cap and trade at the Copenhagen Climate Summit.

Recent confiscated emails on prominent scientists changing global warming reports to deceive the world brought shame to the Summit. You are talking about the entire world’s monetary system being affected by distorted reports on global warming. An email also used the word “trick”, meaning that they would pull a fast one on the scientific community. In turn from the scientific community these reports are filtered down to the public as fact. World leaders then make decisions on these so called facts that can affect employment, taxes, energy cost, the environment and more. What is nuts is that many of these leaders want to still make these life altering decisions knowing facts have been distorted.

The reason is because there is much more behind the climate change debate then meets the eye. While some are sincere others are power and money hungry. Do you realize how easy it is for some companies to under report their ability to control pollution within their company? Why would this matter? Because by under reporting the companies can receive millions of dollars of cap and trade credits for what they already have. Mankind can become evil and deceitful when it comes to the love of money and power. Power over what? Power over you and I. Power over the world’s energy supply and demand. Power to raise taxes. The power to control money to try and bring the world to its knees. Power to enrich certain people and companies while enslaving others. You do not believe it? Open your eyes. Global warming causes include many factors. We need much more true scientific data before enacting laws which can have disastrous global repercussions.


Author: Brian H Campbell
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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Brian H Campbell

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