Vinyl Window Replacements

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Sep 292010

Most home improvement professionals offer their clients several money saving products that are also considered “green” products. This gives consumers the opportunity to not only make home purchases that are easy on their bank accounts, but also on the environment.

Making your next home improvement a “green improvement” will alter how you look at energy efficient products. You will be able to experience the value of environmentally friendly products that also develop your home’s livability and decrease the financial crunch. Many people think that going green is just some environmentalist trend with no real substance or benefit. But, by going green you are actually lessening the amount of unnecessary waste, while saving yourself money.

A “green improvement” is the kind of home improvement that lessens your carbon footprint. One way of doing this is by lessening your energy emissions, and using products made from recyclable materials. By purchasing products that will not need to be readily replaced is also helpful to the environment because it prevents excessive waste.

One great “green improvement” is the purchase of vinyl replacement windows. If you are considering ways to improve your home, you should start with your windows. Replacing your home’s windows can have a huge influence on your home’s insulation, curb appeal, and monthly energy bills.

What Kind of Window Should You Buy?

Be sure to consider vinyl as you are searching for your green replacement windows. With vinyl you will surely have windows that are energy efficient as well as beautifully-crafted and easy to maintain.

Receiving an ENERGY STAR approval is a great qualification to describe any vinyl window or window replacement contractor. Be sure to only purchase ENERGY STAR approved vinyl windows.

The United States Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency both take charge over ENERGY STAR with the intent to provide ways for businesses and individuals to keep their environment safe and buildings more energy efficient.

What Are the Benefits of Vinyl Windows?

A vinyl window is made to insulate your home. We learned that proper insulation is able to keep unwanted air out, and maintain a comfortable room temperature. That is exactly what vinyl windows are capable of doing in your home. A key to proper insulation is the R-value results. Since vinyl is made from PVC plastic, its R-value is quite high. This means that it is a notably good insulator.

The easy maintenance of vinyl windows is another great benefit. With vinyl’s durability, finish, and style, there is no immediate need for maintenance common for most wooden or aluminum windows. This also helps reduce your carbon footprint because windows are not being thrown out every several years, but over a much longer period of time.

If you’re wondering whether replacing your windows truly has a huge influence on lowering your energy bill, you should consider the information released by Remodeling Online. In 2009 they released a Cost vs. Value report that showed a 77.2 percent return on investment. You are looking at a pretty significant return! If that isn’t enough, Consumer Reports Magazine reports that a homeowner can save between 10 and 25 percent on heating and cooling bills simply by replacing outdated single-paned windows.

Some vinyl windows are so well made that they can protect your home from burglaries. Their strength can intimidate the burglar, and prevent him from entering the home after trying for so long to enter the home to no avail.

Once you’ve decided that you want to go green and use vinyl windows to replace your home’s windows, it is time to find a professional who can help. Your contractor should provide you with beautiful vinyl windows to help insulate your home and lower your energy bills. A contractor who offers a warranty is a contractor who believes in a product, and is exemplary of a trustworthy company.

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