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Have you noticed more and more people at work that are going green? I sure have and there are many reasons that you should join your colleagues if you haven’t already! A green work environment is a great way to help improve the overall attitude in the office and it will help make everyone more productive. What employers don’t want to see more production!?

Going green is a long process. There are many things you can change in the office or warehouse, but it doesn’t all need to happen at the same time. It’s ok to take slow steps if needed.

There are a few things to change in the work environment that can start your mission of going green. Even by starting with a small plan of making a few changes, this will get it started and develop awareness in the office.

Paper is something we all take for granted, but it’s killing the trees! We don’t think about this while we’re writing our notes on paper or printing hundreds of pieces per day. This is one of the first changes you should look into.

Who is supplying your paper products for the company? Do a quick research study on the company and how they make the paper. One thing to confirm is that they’re part of the Forest Certification Program. If they are part of this group, they’ll show it on their website or they’ll have documentation to show you.

Paper should also be manufactured with recycled post consumer goods. The amount of recycled products in the paper will vary, but the more recycled it is, the better! This will usually be indicated on the package of the paper.

This next step may surprise you. If you’re company uses flyers and other sorts of printed materials, only use vegetable based ink. If you haven’t heard of this type of ink, it’s growing in popularity for several reasons. It’s easier to recycle this paper. The ink is also made from soy beans, which is easily made without releasing greenhouse gases.

There are many other things to do in the office to make it a better place. You can keep as many things online as possible! It’s really a great thing to do to help our environment and bring in great morale to the office!

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