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The story by the Global Warming proponents is that Global Warming is caused by the burning of fossil fuels in our cars and electric generators. If this is so why has our temperature been lower for the past decade and we are told this will go on for another few years at least.

Global Warming is a large and expensive joke being played on the American people by a few who expect to profit highly by pushing this agenda. Our US government is now preparing to spend trillions on a theory that has not been scientifically proven as of yet.

It is very comical that global Warming is supposed to cause a lot more summer storms as well as hurricane and typhoon activity. I am still waiting on the so called experts to show us and tell us why our hurricane and typhoon activities are at an all time record low?

Many others are waiting to hear how they explain this away. Global Warming is a big imbalance of our nature around us. The way many proponents talk about global warming, maybe we should retire our winter coats and just keep our light weight jackets. According to them we want be needing heavy winter coats.

Most of the greenhouse gases they are talking about are just a trace in the atmosphere. The methane, nitrous oxide, water vapor, and many other trace gases occur naturally in our atmosphere. Climate change is as likely to be as cooling as it is warming. Which side of this discussion are you on?

Absolutely nothing has been proven one way or the other. The thing that has been proven is that our government is about to put a minimum of a couple thousand dollars new taxes annually on each household in the United States in the name of Global Warming, this will be a giant fraud.

Many of our great scientists have been trying to advise politicians about finding an acceptable level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The new study suggests that to aim low is even more important.

Most of our scientists seem to believe that this second heating has been the product of burning fossil fuels. If so then why do some argue that we actually have had a change in the sun and its relation to earth?

It seems that the scientists are wrong on their beliefs, but at this time they are just less wrong than before. If you happen to check out an issue of Science Magazine, most of our scientists believe CO2 levels are going to rise another 30% during the next 30 or so years.

If you recall Scientists were also convinced at one point that the earth was flat. Can we say by this time that they were wrong about that?

It is a pretty well known fact that the atmospheric CO2 concentration increased by only 20 PPM over the 8000 years prior to the industrialization of earth.

Multi decade to centennial-scale variations were less than 10 PPM and most likely due to natural processes. However since 1750 to the present the co2 concentration has risen by nearly 100 PPM.

One thing for certain many are only in it for the big money, no other reason. Exaggerations are hundredfold, one thing is for sure Hawaii is not about to disappear under the waves.

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