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What comes to your mind when you hear about ‘global warming’? The very term suggests something warm and hot. Think of our globe as a burning furnace. Yes, this is the worst thing that can happen to Planet Earth. What if the temperature soars to something unbearable? Earth becomes uninhabitable like Planet Mercury which is very near to the sun. So this is something the think tanks of all nations are worried about. We lead a cozy life just because the people who think are alive. They come out with numerous solutions for the impending dangers that Mother Earth faces.

When the average temperature of the earth and ocean surface rises it is called “Global Warming’. When the green house gases such as carbon dioxide and methane get build up in the atmosphere, it forms a blanket over the earth, trapping the heat that would otherwise get dispersed in the atmosphere. Of all, the leading greenhouse gas is the carbon dioxide emitted from fossil fuels of coal, natural gas and oil. This gas determines the temperature level on earth. Over the years the concentration of carbon dioxide on earth is rising and it is expected to reach alarming levels over the past 650,000 years.

The exorbitant heat we experience today is due to the release of carbon dioxide from industries. Even the climatic change can be attributed to this phenomenon of ever increasing release of carbon dioxide. It is sure to change the natural habitat and the life of the coastal communities. The last twelve years are recorded as the warmest years since 1850. A simple rise of two degree Celsius can dramatically bring about a catastrophe that can bring a shudder down the spine. Planet Earth will be facing extreme drought, depleted air quality,  acidification of ocean and repeated wildfires if the condition goes unbridled. This will surely wipe out 30% of species and coastal wetlands. So scientists all over the world are toiling hard to reduce the carbon emissions by at least 80%. This alone can prevent the temperature from rising above two degrees over the averages attained before industrial times.

Hurricanes can frequently hit the planet if the ocean water gets warmed up. Since we have found that carbon dioxide  emissions are dangerous, it is time for us to think how Led lighting reduces the carbon dioxide emissions. It is said that led lighting reduces the carbon dioxide emissions by 9,000 pounds than a regular bulb. This carbon dioxide  can fill the atmospheric air of a football ground over a mile high. Led lighting lasts 50.000 hours and saves you up to $ 450 on electricity bills. Since low performance of regular bulb is one of the causes of carbon dioxide  emission, swapping to led lighting can reduce the emission considerably.

A 100 watt bulb which performs for 50,000 hours at the cost of $ 500 emits 10,050 pounds of carbon dioxide which  can directly lead to global warming. A regular bulb emits mercury which also contributes to global warming. If you care for this Mother Earth you should definitely throw away the Compact Fluorescent Light and use the eco-friendly Led lighting. If you can contain global warming just by switching over to Led lighting, then nothing should stop you from trying it out.  Global warming and led lighting are coined together to let you understand the effect of led lighting over global warming.

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