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Many of us know that we are living in an increasingly toxic world, and some of us try to make choices that will help keep our homes and our families relatively safe. We choose natural cleaners, use water filters and only select natural pesticides in our gardens. Then why are so many of us suffering from symptoms of toxic overload: fatigue, mottled or dull skin, joint pain, swollen feet or legs, bad breath, foggy brain, poor immunity etc.? My experience in environmental medicine has taught me that most people, even many who aware of environmental issues, live in toxic homes without even knowing it.

Let us take a closer look at your home environment. Do smooth wool carpets greet you at your front door? If yes, then you get a dose of permethrin, a chemical used to treat most top-quality floor carpets, blankets, mattresses at the factory. If your carpet is synthetic, your body’s bioelectrical system probably gets statically charged as you walk over the carpet to the bathroom.

You take a shower, removing your skin’s protective acid mantle with a cleansing soap, massage in toxic chemicals as you shampoo your hair, and inhale chlorine fumes released from your shower water by heat. As brush your teeth with one of those fluorides toothpaste, you neatly kill off the oral flora that naturally fight bacteria and maintain the health of your mouth. Then you spray a bit of formaldehyde and aluminum under your arms to stop you from perspiring (incidentally, preventing your sweat from carrying toxins out of your body). Then you immerse yourself in a cocktail of chemicals as you rub in body lotion, apply hair spray, mouthwash and cosmetics. You get dressed. Most of your clothes are made from textiles that were manufactured from chemical substances, improved industrially and exposed to a number of chemicals during the production process.

Next, you go to the kitchen. Hmm. What can I eat fast? Oh yes, here is a packaged instant meal. You microwave it (destroying any surviving nutritive elements), stir it and it’s ready. If you took time to read the ingredients, you might find that some raw protein and vegetable oil blended with some mono sodium glutamate, ‘natural’ aromas and colorants were about to land in your stomach. You prefer eco-nutrition? Are you more into stuff like enriched minerals and vitamins? Nice! What exactly do you choose…additives that are produced chemically, or genetically modified ones?

You clean the stove and kitchen counter. Hardly any cleaning agents nowadays are produced naturally even if they claim ‘natural’ on the label. If you open a cabinet with cleaning agents, you see a chemical mini-plant in front of you. The workers who produced these cleaners in the factory wore gloves and a mask to protect them, but like most homeowners, you don’t, so you breathe in the fumes and chemicals leach into your skin. And let’s not forget the mold that can easily develop behind the panels of your lightweight, prefabricated home or in damp places.

Your stomach is now full; the weather is good, so you relax on your terrace with a glass of wine. You are probably sipping sugar in the form of glucagons, and a little sulphur. You’d rather have a cup of tea? There can’t be anything wrong with that! However, tea and many spices are usually sterilized chemically or radioactively. Perhaps your tea is sterilized with heat. That’s good. So sit back and enjoy the fresh outdoor air. You know that your garden is free of chemicals, and you are indeed fortunate to live in the country.

From a distance, you watch your neighbor tending his garden, spreading chemical fertilizers and happily spraying herbicides around all the weeds and trees. A gentle breeze carries them to you, and you innocently breathe them in. Even though you do not use insecticides, they are utilized everywhere, by farmers, city council workers, and home gardeners like your neighbor.

We are often forced to breath in a toxic mix of fumes, toxic particles, and chemical gases. And even those people who consciously try to make good choices cannot always avoid the ecological and health impacts of omnipresent toxins. No matter how healthy your lifestyle, it can be difficult to eat only organic foods, and to breathe only pure air.

Imagine how many hazardous substances your body may already have absorbed, and how many have accumulated there because your body cannot get rid of them all. Sooner or later, like a rain barrel collecting water, your body cannot take any more, and just one more drop causes the barrel to overflow. Your key detoxification organs and natural barriers, including the intestines, skinl, and respiratory system, can become overwhelmed, unable to cope with the toxic load, and toxins spread and collect in different organs and tissues, and around your cells. Your immune system goes into a state of full alert, and may begin to attack the body it was designed to protect, resulting in a pattern of chronic allergies or autoimmune disease. Eventually, your immune system can become exhausted, and you become prone to infection, allergies, and chronic disease.

How can you avoid or correct toxic overload? By doing three things:
1. reduce your exposure to toxins from any source
2. cleanse your body of toxins with a program like Renew You’s 7 Day Eco-Detox System, and
3. eat raw whole foods (as much organic as possible), especially lots of fresh, raw vegetables and fruit, and probiotic foods to assist your body’s natural detoxification and elimination processes. Goodness in…Bad out!!!

Bojan Schianetz is Australia’s Allergy Relief Guru and developed the revolutionary BioFast Allergy Free System, which allows to treat multiple allergies in one single session. This new system has helped thousands of children and adults to regain control of their life in under 30 days. Find out more at my website

Author: Bojan Schianetz
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  1. Good Morning, I do not normally post feedback on articles, as I prefer to read only. However I find the web site that you have written earlier has very insightful information, and I discover it very informational. I was searching on Bing for exercise ideas & stumbled your eye opening website. And I would like to share with you one scary research: most Americans don’t get daily exercise, only 5% reported vigorous physical activity within preceding 24-hour period… Researchers analyzed 2003-2008 data from nearly 80,000 participants, aged 20 and older, in the American Time Use Survey, a national telephone-based poll that asked people what they did in the preceding 24 hours. Most respondents reported sedentary activities such as eating and drinking (95.6 percent) and watching television/movies (80.1 percent), or light activities such as washing, dressing and grooming (78.9 percent), and driving a car, truck or motorcycle (71.4 percent). I think that is scary… I think daily exercising is a MUST, not a matter of “if I will have time”. Could you find something the same special on motivating Americans to exercise more? Thanks. ~ Cristopher Larick

  2. The only way corporations will ever give a damn’ is if we start refsuing to buy their products unless and until they become more conscious of the environment, and recognize the delicate ecological balance between all men, plants and animals that is absolutely necessary for our very survival.That means we must give up eating Big Macs because cheap hamburgers creates more of a demand for grazing land in the rain forests. The more trees that are felled, the less rain forest remains and that has a dramatic impact on our environment.That means we have to stop buying gas-guzzling Hummers and SUVs and pledge to purchase only autos and vehicles that run on alternative fuels, or at least are significantly more fuel efficient.That means we have to educate ourselves to understand why the extinction of polar bears or remote Eskimo tribes or caribou migration routes have a direct bearing on our own survival as a species.That means we have to do everything possible to curb the threat of global warming; end the destruction of mangrove forests; stop the over fishing of our oceans; quit polluting our air and water, and begin having much more respect for every living creature on this planet. If we don’t, we will all die. But before that happens, we will very possibly see our own grandchildren and great-grandchildren suffer from the result of our own selfish, greedy, squanderous gluttony, hubris and squalor. -RKO- 12/21/07


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