Eco-Commerce is Our Future

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Sep 192010

The planet is changing. We see evidence of this everyday with the changing weather and ecosystems. We can do our part by making alterations in our personal and business lives to facilitate positive outcomes.

Everyone has a personal responsibility for keeping the planet green and healthy. So, what can we do to assist in greening the planet? Massive change is necessary but if we’re not capable of that small adjustments add up to profound shifts. Leave the big changes to those with the resources to implement them.

We can make small advancements simply by starting in our homes and businesses. If you have never thought about working for yourself then re-think this possibility. If you consider the benefits of working for yourself doing what you love to do, the benefits spill over in so many ways.

Have you considered starting a home based business? Do you realize the positive planetary and personal gains to be realized by doing this? Consider the following…

1. By working from home you reduce the amount of time in your vehicle which relieves the already congested traffic in most major cities.
2. It reduces green house gases which contribute to the warming of the planet.
3. It reduces our dependency on oil to allow the introduction of other technologies such as electric cars.
4. Big business knows what makes them money. The planet must go green they know this.
5. Staying at home to work allows more personal time with family which also greens the planet by bringing families back together.
6. Take the time to research the many ways to start your own business from home doing what you know and love. Building a business based on your personal knowledge and genuine interest sparks passion that fuels the process to levels of success far surpassed by working at what you don’t like.
7. If you’re thinking this is easy, well it isn’t. But I assure you working hard for yourself beats working hard for someone else any day. What you will find is that the time you put in building your business really doesn’t seem difficult until you look back after your success and say “How did I do that?”
8. Working from home is not for everyone. But it may be for you.
9. Working from home allows for personal time to sneak away to enjoy life doing whatever else you love to do. Keeping your own hours is very freeing.
10. Working at home essentially puts you back in control of your life.
11. Knowledge is power. Use your personal experiences and passions to enlighten anyone who wants to listen. Believe me, there are a lot of people who are seeking information. Share.

Greening your home also includes greening your body. Endorse and promote companies and lifestyle that sell organic and sustainable resources. Eat organically grown produce and restrict our use of packaged fast and frozen foods. Buy products that are eco-friendly by being biodegradable. By displaying our desire to use and promote these resources we send a message to everyone.

The way of the future is green. The future of business is eco-commerce. Live well, Live Green.

The health of ourselves and the planet should be our top priority. Spread the eco-word through business and personal endeavors.


Author: Margaret Zobatar
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