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What you can do to teach global warming for kids is to lead by example. The best way for kids to learn is through following a role model. Kids grow up learning primarily by example.

If you were to teach your kids how turning off the lights in their room when they are out is important. Explain to them that electricity actually uses a lot of energy and makes the Earth hot. Remember to use simple words as I have here and not overcomplicated words so that they can understand. The next part in helping to teach global warming for kids is to help remind them what a difference they are making by turning off their lights in their room and how you are doing it too.

Remember to repeat your teaching, best by example, as repeated teaching makes memory and good habits are base on memory. So what they remember, they will practice and do. I believe this method of teaching global warming for kids to be productive and fruitful.

The next thing you can teach them as was with lights can be on the other appliances in the house. You could start with refrigerator. It should be simple enough to explain to them how refrigerator also uses electricity in their light bulbs. Then you could go on to explain how electricity is used in refrigerator to keep it cold. So leaving the light bulbs on when the fridge is open causes the refrigerator to become less cold and for it to be colder the refrigerator will expand more electricity for this. Thus like the explanation on how light uses electricity, it is the same for refrigerator. As electricity takes up a lot of energy this makes the Earth hot. Remember when teaching global warming for kids to understand, you have to use simple words they already know.

Another helpful topic on teaching global warming for kids by example would be about water usage. Teach them how turning off the tap water while brushing their teeth helps save water. Explain to them how it takes up a lot of energy to bring in water into the house as energy is used to make the water clean and warm. The increase of energy usage will makes the Earth hotter. You should do the same for yourself by turning off the water when brushing your teeth as you want to be a role model for the kids.

Other household related habit that is suitable for teaching global warming for kids can is learning about recycling. Try to teach your kids to recycle all the tin cans, glass bottles and paper waste that are no longer needed. Explain to them how recycling actually helps save energy and this helps make Earth cooler.

If you are interested in teaching global warming for kids to help make Earth cooler, there is still another thing or two you could teach them that they could do. If you have the time, place and you understand gardening, you could plant some trees. Then you could teach them how to do it too and have them help plant trees as well. It is possible for them to find this exciting and enjoyable especially if they are not strongly rooted in any hobby yet. You may then explain to them how trees help eat up all the stinky and black smokes that make our mother Earth hot.

If it is practical, have them walk or ride a bike if they are headed to a destination nearby. If you happen to be wanting to go to a place close by, you could walk or ride your bike with them there instead of taking your family car. Remember, cars puff out smokes that make the Earth hotter. You may also like to teach your kids how taking buses and trains help reduce the contribution of smokes that makes Earth hot.

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