Aug 222010

If not earth…where?
If not now…when?
If not you…who?

The above lines are enough to tell you how serious the cause is. Yes I am talking about protecting the earth from Global Warming. The entire world is aware about the cause and possible outcome of global warming but a very few efforts had been made so far by few countries, organizations, and individuals to fight for this global cause. This is not a threat on any particular nation but on the entire planet Earth; a slow death is wrapping the entire planet in its lethal pang. We don’t tend to believe things unless we see or realize them, but global warming is there – growing and growing big. Every second delayed on this issue leaves us days and almost months behind to protect our earth and many precious human lives.

I am not here to give you a briefing on global warming; I beg your pardon but the danger is already beyond any definition or description. This article is dedicated to give an overview of all those nations and individuals who have already working and promoting their views through multitude means of communication to help save our Mother Earth. But before I move any further it is necessary to know that why the world is facing this problem at all? Who should be held liable to put our planet in danger? Well, there are no easy answers for these questions, but one obvious answer could be, precisely every one of us are liable rather guilty of endangering the existence of earth.

This is how it all started – The average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere has risen by 0.74 – 0.18 °C during the last few centuries. According to a study by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), it has been reported that the increase in average global temperature has been caused due to excessive increase in the greenhouse gas concentrations. This has led to an unprecedented warming of the Earth’s surface. Melting down of snow and glaciers due to variation in the temperature of volcanoes, burning of fossils fuels and rapid de-forestation are other major factors for this growing danger.

Efforts are being made in this direction under the slogan of Green Earth, Save Your Planet, Go Green etc. Many nations and organizations after realizing the aftermath of global warming has already accelerated the process of saving our planet with eco-friendly methods as well as products wherever required. A treaty called Kyoto Protocol was signed a few years back by the government of various nations was a step to ensure countries to reduce and cut down the greenhouse gas emissions.

This green revolution trend has continued successfully in the ongoing Beijing Olympics 2008. Efforts has been made by the Chinese government to make Beijing air clean by shutting down many industries and factories. Though expert are of view that it might result in heavy losses but it is important to save the earth as well as the making this mega event a success. Termed as Green Olympics, China took effort in providing special eco-friendly transports along with eco-friendly hotels and accommodations to all its foreign visitors and travelers. This entire renewed infrastructure cost the Chinese government more than $40 billion and expected to grow as the tourist increases. A number of other changes undertaken by Chinese govt. to ensure a pollution free Olympic game but its not just Beijing Olympics alone rather it’s a way to spread a message to the entire world about the need to go green and prompt them to use eco-friendly products and enable the humanity to fight against global warming.

Every little product we use emits certain degree of harmful radiation and waves, which in turn heat up the atmosphere. This era of great electromagnetic waves and ultraviolet rays are capable of engulfing everything thus adding to global warming in turn. This is the right time to act; an action which will be initiated by an individual but will save a planet. Join hands today to fight against this deadly monster. Last but not the least – Go Green and use eco-friendly products.

Author: Vinod Karan Singh
Article Source:
Digital Camera News


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