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If you want to know how the eco-friendly lighting sources save energy then first you should understand the working. These eco-friendly lighting sources offer numerous benefits for both residential and commercial purposes.

Generally the eco-friendly bulbs are identical to compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs. This type of bulb use fluorescence, a cold body light radiation used to generate light. In addition these eco-friendly lighting sources don’t produce heat to create visible light, as in case of incandescent bulbs, thus they save energy. Because of their energy efficiency, environmental friendly, bright light emission and longer life qualifies them under environmental friendly bulbs. By using these bulbs one can reduce global warming and green house effects.

Working of CFLs: Compact Fluorescence Lamps usually encompass tubes that are bent into shape of a coil or parallel rods. Then the tube is filled with conductive gas that contains mercury. While a device called ballast creates electric current from the wall outlet through gas which in-turn produces UV light. This ultra-violet light then comes in contact with phosphorescent material coating inside tubes and glows producing visible light. Here the energy used to create UV fluorescence is very less when compared to power needed by light bulbs to glow. Hence minimal amount of energy is lost as heat and that’s why the Compact Fluorescence Lamps are less hot.

Benefits of Compact Fluorescence Lamps:

1) Eco-friendly lighting sources or CFLs consume very less energy to produce light. So there will be convenient savings on electricity bills.

2) Minimal energy usage means that less pollution. By using CFLs one can save environment from harmful gases produced as a result of electricity generation.

3) CFLs last longer than the traditional bulbs. Typically a CFL bulb would give light for about 8,000 -12,000 hours.

4) Compact Fluorescence Lamps are cooler and reduces air conditioning costs.

5) CFL light sources offer variety of light colors from cool white to warm white.

Drawbacks of CFL bulbs:

On the other hand CFL bulbs are expensive when compared to standard incandescent bulbs. While disposing CFL bulbs one should take great care as it contains mercury that can be hazardous for environment. In case if the CFL bulb breaks then it could release traces of mercury gas, subsequently the area should be aired out sufficiently to avoid health risks.

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