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Going green can be beneficial not only to you and your family but also to mother earth. It will take some changing in your lifestyle to live green. But it can be done and once you start conserving the earth’s resources you will feel better about yourself and sort of proud of yourself for saving resources.

When going to work you can also be more conscience of items that you are just disposing, Use reusable items instead of disposable. When disposing items such as paper recycle don’t just throw these items in the trash can.

Emailing instead of printing items will also be necessary to save paper and reduce waste. What you should put on the bottom of every email that you send in the signature line is “please print only when necessary” this way people will be more aware of the need to conserve everything starting with paper.

In offices there are many lights on, most of the places can operate just fine with only half of the lights. There is no need to have all the lights on. Cutting back on electric usage will save the company not only money but will be doing their part to go green. Be sure when you leave work for the day to have everyone turn off unused electrical products such as the computer, the monitor and printers.

Start a Campaign in your workplace and begin the move to make a difference. Email daily tips to coworkers on what they can do each day to make a change in their lives. Challenge others in your office to do their part to become the difference in this world. Hang a chart showing how much of a difference your one little office is making. It will inspire others to do more at home with their families. What we save today our children can enjoy tomorrow.

Going green can be done starting with small baby steps. If each of us do our small little part it will make a big difference. Saving and conserving natural resources is only one way to make a difference.

Shopping for natural items will show these companies that people are concerned about toxic chemicals that are used in items. Another way that you can do your part is to be an organic shopper and start your own Organic garden and purchase natural products that are good for your family and healthier to consume.

Author: Jackie Chapman
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