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With all the talk of going green, it should come as no surprise that there are movements being made towards green housing with every passing day. This way of living sustains our resources and actually has immense benefits for the family who lives green to the fullest extent that they can.

So what exactly is green housing? For the most part, anytime you have heard the term greenhouse has been in conversations about gardening. But today, green housing is not about plants but about the home you live in throughout your life. Living in a home that has been built with sustainable building materials is one way to know you are making a smaller footprint on the earth. Sure, it is a big step and a lifelong decision; but when you are fully committed to making this change in your life, you are on your way to an abundantly healthy life.

Sustainable building materials are those that are composed of renewable, rather than nonrenewable resources. This could be certified wood that has been harvested from sustainably managed sources. This type of material would preferably have an independent certification. Further, green housing materials could be products that have been manufactured with resource-efficient processes including reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste (recycled, recyclable and/or source reduced product packaging), and reducing greenhouse gases.

While the materials used are a large part of the total package of going green; the design of the home also comes into play. One form of green home is the roundhome. The reason for this is that a roundhome clearly uses fewer materials for construction because of the shape of the walls. In a roundhome, there is less square footage in terms of exterior walls. The reason why round homes are so popular is sheer design. For people who are into a green lifestyle, letting nature into their dwelling through the use of ample windows and wood elements is a little slice of heaven. In a roundhome, light streams in through windows, and many homeowners choose gorgeous wood ceilings to show off their natural lifestyle.

Living in a green home, a family is treated to a natural sense of well-being. The benefits of a green home go further than beauty and even further than the eco-friendly aspect. Studies have shown that healthy air, natural light and views to the outdoors actually improve an individual’s productivity. By building a green home, especially a light-filled roundhome, you set yourself up for promoted health as well as economic prosperity.

There are plenty of ways that you can begin a green lifestyle. However, when you reach the point where the little steps just don’t seem to fill the need you have inside of you; green housing may be the next logical step to take. Round home designs are easy to come by, and are even available as ultra-affordable prefabricated homes. There is no limit to the ways you can make a positive impact on your own life and on the world you live in.

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Author: Bethany Stokes
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