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When considering the great gift of rainwater for use, to “How to Save Money on Your Water Bill”, it must be understood what potable and non-potable water is. In order to do that, one must also look at applications. Where portable water is necessary no substitution can be made; where it’s not, a substitution can be made…

Rain can be used as non-portable water for landscape irrigation, makeup for cooling towers, and toilet flushing; so, that makes great “How to Save Money on Your Water Bill” strategy! Of course, adjustments are made to accompany this system, but the savings are worth it, especially in rain abundant parts of our country. Dual piping throughout a building will be necessary with proper supervision so that fresh water line will not be mix with rainwater. It is more difficult but noting comes without something, right? “How to Save Money on Your Water Bill” requires some small investments.

The rainwater harvesting system works by collecting water from roof and pumped, or gravity flowed, to large covered cisterns. Either it’s a large complex system or simple rain-barrel systems, this rain water can be a life saver and bring the cost down for a structure.

Landscape-Scale Storm-water Harvesting and water from air-conditioner condensate, Cooling-Tower Blow-down, Building-Scale Treated Waste-water, Municipal-Scale Treated Waste-water, and Desalination, has been used to save money…

Subsurface drip irrigation delivers water directly to the root zone and significantly reduces evaporation…

Another great “How to Save Money on Your Water Bill” strategy is to have a tank-less water heater. The hotwater is available instantly, so energy is not lost keeping the hot water hot and cold water drain down is not needed. The only drawback with this system is, it might not supply all areas of the building, that’s why enough units must be installed…

“How to Save Money on Your Water Bill” Paul Peshkov is a general contractor/business developer. As a favorite hobby, Mr. Peshkov is extensively involved in studying alternative medicine. He enjoys helping people reach their full potential in life. For more information on his latest developments visit his website

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