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Why make your home Energy Efficient?

The answer is simple and clear, making your home more energy efficient saves you money yearly. By changing simple everyday items in your home you will see an increase in your monthly and yearly electric bills. Saving more money is on everyone’s mind. The word Efficient is described as- Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. So with that in mind we will look at 5 areas you can make your home more energy efficient without wasting money and with little effort. Almost all these steps will require little to no skill. So let’s get started.

1: Watch your savings add up by turning the lights off when you leave the room or house. Electricity usage is charged by the second. Meaning every second a light or television for that fact is left on it is eating wasted electricity. Take a simple walk through the house before leaving and make sure everything unused is turned is turned off, your monthly electric bill will thank you.

2: Swap out leaky faucets. Water is getting very expensive. If you are tired of hearing that drip drip drip of wasted money, it may be time to make a run to your local home improvement store and swap out your leaky faucet. Not only does a nice new faucet look good but it will save your hundreds of dollars over the year.

3: Caulk up the cracks. If you can see day light through cracks around window frames or doors, that is wasted electricity escaping outside. Caulk will run you just a couple dollars and one bottle will be plenty for your whole house. On a side note, make sure to check your baseboards as well, making sure your baseboards are nice and sealed will keep unwanted insects out of your house.

4: Check your appliances. Is your refrigerator, washer and dryer costing you unnecessary extra cost every month? If you are in the market to buy new appliances you will do well to keep an eye out for the Energy Star label, energy star appliances will guarantee what you are buying is the most efficient and you may also quality for a tax rebate just buy using ENERGY STAR appliances. Not bad for something you already need.

5: Weatherstrip. If your weatherstripping is old and worn out this will be something you want to swap out. New weatherstrip is easy to install with very little no-how involved. Weather stripping is beneficial in door jams and window seals. All you need is a utility knife scissors and a hammer. Weatherstrip your house to keep outside elements outside, as well as keeping your air conditioning or heating inside.

We talked about turning the lights off, stopping leaky faucets, Caulking cracks, checking your appliances and weatherstripping, with following these 5 simple steps you will be well on your way to having an Energy Efficient home. Start today and make the needed changes in your home to save you money.

While being a life saving money enthusiast I truly believe in getting the most out of the your home and what you pay for. Find more tips on Energy Efficient Home Tips. Simple maintenance and observations can and do go a long way in Home Energy and sufficiency.

Author: Gayle Crossing
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