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When shopping for home lighting, a plethora of choices are available to consumers from which to choose, with both indoor and outdoor lighting. Many choices are also available when shopping for walkway lighting fixtures. Some pathway lighting fixtures such as solar path lights and low voltage path lights use light emitting diodes also referred to as LEDS as the light bulb in the design of the walkway lighting. Below brief information about LEDs is presented.

LEDs tend to be very energy efficient. Moreover, LEDs tend to illuminate significantly longer than incandescent and fluorescent lamps, thus fewer light bulbs tend to be used in the long term. As a consequence of using fewer light bulbs, fewer bulbs need to be disposed. Additionally, LEDs do not contain mercury. All three of these factors make LEDs friendly to the natural environment.

However, not all LEDs are created equally. Indeed, the quality of LED light bulbs varies. One program that checks for energy efficiency and sets high standards is ENERGY STAR. ENERGY STAR also lists light bulbs that have met the program’s high standards. Therefore, consumers may want to check if the pathway lighting fixture that uses LEDs and they are considering installing on their property, has been listed by ENERGY STAR.

Indeed, many choices are available to consumers when shopping for home lighting. However, given all the choices and variance in quality, they may wish to be well informed prior to purchasing the pathway lighting fixtures that will illuminate the pathways of their homes.

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