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A water heater beneath the outdoor sink may be just what you need to get hot water to your favorite place… your greenhouse. You spend a great deal of time out there caring for your plants and vegetables. More often than not, you need hot water to wash your hands or hydrate your plants and in colder weather and ice water may be too much for them

A point of use heating system can be a good way to get hot water to areas that you typically do not want to run pipes from the home. A simple garden hose from your rain barrel into this system will suffice. Although these units are typically geared for kitchen or bathroom use, a greenhouse faucet can also be hooked up in the same way

You will need standard power to the unit, but you may already have electrical run to your vegetable garden greenhouse for lighting or purposes. These units typically run on standard electrical power and can draw a few amps, but otherwise are very efficient in delivering hot water to where you need it very quickly.

Installation is simple and can be done in less than 60 minutes. The basic steps to adding one to your kitchen or bathroom sink are:

1. Run a cold line from your rain barrel

2. Connect the hot water to faucet

3. Plug the unit into a standard outlet.

4. Adjust the temperature to desired setting

In summary an under sink water heater can be a good choice in providing a point of use hot water to replace or supplement your current system.

Be smart about your energy use, you can you use an under sink heater for your point of use needs in the green house too!

For those bathrooms that take a long time to heat up, a sink water heater may be a better way to save water and money!

Author: Bobbie Bailey
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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