Jul 252010

The research demonstrated that our leisure and recreation pursuits account for most of our emissions, rather than a lack of insulation or 4×4 cars. What is interesting about this research is that it found that mobile phone chargers, for example, accounted for between 35 and 70kg per person per year. This is obviously exasperated when mobile phones are fully charge but left on to continue to charge?. Lets face it nearly every mobile phone user is guilty of leaving their phone on too charge over night?

How much of that 35 to 70 kg is wasted effort is the question, how much could you cut down by charging your mobile until it’s full and turning off the charger. Or perhaps another option is to buy an in car charger and whilst damaging the environment driving, charge at the same time at no additional cost to your carbon footprint?

Now in all honesty my last point is not scientifically proven but I do think there is some logic in this point? Another trend which is developing in the mobile market today, that will be driving the carbon footprint is the trend to own more than one mobile phone? We are now seeing that people have mobile phones for there work and personal use and never the twain shall meet. That means the charging, or indeed over charging of two phones. But smart phones like the o2 XDA or the Nokia N95, are multi purpose phones and offer a great solution – but more about that in my next article.

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Author: Sean Mauger
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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