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A new tradition is taking hold and that is to have an eco conscious wedding and that includes eco conscious wedding invitations. And as the first signal of a forthcoming wedding invitation, eco friendly save the date cards are also becoming popular. And nowadays you need not sacrifice style to be ‘green’.

What exactly is meant by an eco friendly date card? It typically means that the card stock that the details are printed on is made of, at least in part, recycled material. But it can also refer to the vellum paper used if your save date card includes this lovely touch. (Some classify vellum paper that has not been chemically treated as ‘eco friendly’ since it is made only from cellulose fibers that has have had the air pockets pressed out.  The majority of vellum used in the States is this type).

Another type of eco conscious save the date cards are those made from plantable paper. Plantable save the dates are typically made from 100% recycled paper waste which is then handcrafted into paper and that paper is embedded with wildflower seeds. The paper features an elegant, textured look and feel to it. Your guests simply need to plant their save the date card in a small container and they are their way to enjoying colorful wildflowers in the months to come.

When choosing these ‘green’ cards look for ones that allow you some creativy to express your personal style such as paper color and font style at the very least.

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Deb Rosenberg is an eco conscious party planner and recommends these eco friendly save the date cards as well as its matching eco friendly invitations offered at Diva Entertains.com

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