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There is an old saying “hit them where it hurts”. The energy crisis did just that. Who ever heard of $4 a gallon for gas and almost $5 a gallon for heating fuel? And, if that wasn’t bad enough; groceries, clothing and most everything else followed the path to higher prices, all because of soaring energy costs.

Now is the time for us to change how we do things. Several knew types of eco-friendly roofs have been developed. First, there are the photovoltaic roofing (solar roof) systems that are capable of channeling sunlight and converting it into electricity. What an energy savings that would be. These eco-friendly systems can also collect and heat your hot water. These solar roofing systems have a life expectancy of about 30 years.

Secondly, there is the white roof, or a reflective roof. A white colored fluid is applied directly to the roof surface with a paint roller. This type of eco-friendly roofing reflects the heat rays from the sun; keeps the roof and building cool, eliminates ultraviolet deterioration of the roof and, at the same time, reduces our air conditioner’s energy costs.

Next, we can opt for a metal roof. Metal roofs reflect around 35% of the suns’ energy. They are fire resistant and pest resistant. Metal roofs can also be painted with a reflective coating to maximize its’ reflective ability. These roofs are manufactured from up to 65 percent recycled materials. Consequently, they are extremely eco-friendly.

Concrete, slate or clay tiles are several other types of eco-friendly roofing that are available. Surely, one of these eco-friendly roofs must fit into our energy saving needs.

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Author: Jonathan R Richards
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