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Recently I cut out pesticide laden food from my diet by eliminating it, or buying its organic variety. When I did this, several things happened to my body that I would like to share. I am the world’s biggest skeptic, and always research and cross examine something before I believe in it. I guess that I’ve been burned too many times in the past.

When I altered my diet, I made sure to eat exactly the same food I ate before, just organic. I wanted to make sure it was actually my diet that was making me feel better, and that it wasn’t all just in my head. I keep reading all of these reports that organic food isn’t more nutritious than conventional food. At sometimes triple the price, there has to be some serious evidence to support buying it, especially if it doesn’t necessarily have more nutrition. So for five whole weeks, I ate my usual diet of burgers, fries, chicken wings, scrambled eggs, hash browns (made them myself with organic potatoes), sandwiches, chili, spaghetti, you name it, all organic. Shoppers drug mart even has a nativa organics line that has organic ginger snaps, maple cookies, Oreo cookies etc. I would really like to stress that I didn’t alter my diet at all, just simply ate 100% organic. I didn’t eat in one restaurant, but instead made restaurant food at home (like I said, chicken wings, burgers etc). What followed was probably the worst five weeks of my life.

The first week was probably the most extreme. I got the shakes, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, intense withdrawal and detoxification symptoms. It was the same as, or worse than when I quit smoking. For the following weeks the symptoms were still there, but they did alleviate a bit. Bit by bit, I felt better and better and better. I no longer sweat profusely all the time, body odour has disappeared, my eczema has gone, which I had for 20 years, I sleep soundly the whole night until my alarm rings (never happened before, I always woke up several times throughout the night). The difference is night and day. I feel as though I have woken up from a dream. All this from simply eating organic. Isn’t that insane? If someone had told me that if I simply ate organic I would be horribly sick for about 5 – 6 weeks and then most of my health issues would disappear I would have thought they were nuts. A question comes to mind, what was in that food I used to eat? People say certain things are okay in moderation, but when you take into consideration this:

  • the tap water I drink has chemicals and chlorine in it
  • soft drinks are loaded with chemicals
  • produce is laden with pesticides
  • the air we breathe is laden with chemicals
  • lots of food is full of preservatives
  • household cleaners have lots of chemicals that are harmful to humans
  • carpets and dust in houses has lots of toxins in them

It’s the buildup each and every day that makes people’s systems out of whack. Without the ability to cleanse the liver due to being overloaded, these toxins reduce the bodies ability to cleanse itself. I no longer drink soda pop, I have eliminated the preservatives and pesticides in the food I eat by eating organic, and only use biodegradable cleaners at home now. By doing these simple things, my health has improved dramatically. Just goes to show you how a little work goes a long way. By “educating” myself I improved myself. Let’s apply this strategy to the earth. If we just chill out for a bit and allow it to replenish itself, it might do a world of good.

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Author: Katherine Gabel
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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