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You go to the grocery store and hear, “Paper or plastic.” If you decide to try to “go green,” you’ll take the paper bags. If you are delving into the “eco-friendly” lifestyle, you probably already have your own tote bag that you reuse over and over again. And, if you are fully living the green lifestyle, you most likely only buy “recyclable” items.

What Do these Terms Mean?

Let’s start off with “recyclable.” Recyclable items means that the items are made from used materials that have undergone a process to make them new again. Recycling helps to stop waste of useful materials that would otherwise just be thrown away. Recycling is the key component in today’s waste management. If you recycle, whether it be soda cans or plastic bottles, or if you wear clothes made from recyclable materials, you are living an eco-friendly lifestyle and have gone green!

“Go green” is an environmentalism social movement. A person or item can be “eco-friendly.” The two terms are virtually interchangeable.

How Do these Terms Relate to Promotional Tote Bags?

Now that we know what these terms mean we need to know how this all relates to promotional tote bags. First of all, the fact that you can reuse tote bags over and over means that they are eco-friendly and the person using them has gone green.

Custom tote bags means that they are being used to promote a business or event. If the business or event planner decides to use eco-friendly tote bags, they are deciding to use bags that are made out of recyclable materials, such as organic cotton. Organic cotton is safer for the environment because it is manufactured without the use of harsh chemicals. Soft and durable, promotional tote bags made out of organic cotton can hold just about anything you put in them.

Using Promotional Tote Bags to Go Green

There are so many advantages to using eco-friendly promotional tote bags. Here are just a few:

  • Promoting your business over and over again.
  • Helping to save the environment.
  • Reducing waste.
  • Increasing sales of your business.

No matter which way you look at it, going green with custom tote bags is a positive choice. As a company purchasing and giving away these bags, you are saying that you not only care about your business, but you also care about the environment. You are spreading the “Go Green” message every time you give away a promotional tote bag.

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Author: Kim Medeiros
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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