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Eco Friendly Catering Companies that source their food locally are similar to restaurants and grocers that have the same philosophy. It’s obvious really, isn’t it? No, it’s not. A grocery shop that brings its produce in from the local farms is supplying to a known market and that market is going to be buying for at most the next four days; a restaurant is similar because they’ll know their demographic too. An eco-friendly wedding or corporate event catering company needs to have a much more diverse understanding of local seasons, crops and livestock. They need to be in constant contact with their suppliers so that they are well informed when discussing menus with clients. With this extra knowledge of the local produce they need to be extra creative when a client comes to them making a request for strawberries at Christmas or mussels in July. They need to know what is going to be in season at the time of the event and also what the local farmers are going to be producing, their expected prices and when it’s expected to be harvested.

This kind of extra due diligence on behalf of the eco friendly event catering company illustrates a passion for food and the environment that is perhaps slightly absent from other more traditional catering companies that will only give you what your heart desires and will go to any length to procure it. When employing the services of an eco-friendly catering company you, the client, will know that the food that is served up on your guests plates will probably have been in the ground at most two days previous to the event; sometimes even that morning. That freshness will be apparent not only in the food but also in the way that it is served and a good chef will be able to make even the humble turnip into a feast for a king.

If you are planning a outdoor catering event this year then take the time to speak to your local event catering company with regards to their sourcing policy and bear in mind that most foodies who source locally also prefer to source organic too. Happy Eating!

Lettuce and Lovage was formally set up at the beginning of 2009 by Jo Trendall.

Jo is a self-confessed foodie, passionate about hospitality, knowledgeable on old and new world wines and, as a planner has a great eye for detail. Lettuce and Lovage Catering Company is based in Montpelier, Bristol, BS6 and at Folly Farm near Chew Magna, North Somerset (BS39) and caters for weddings, BBQs, corporate events, Hog Roasts, Garden Parties, Buffets and Breakfasts, sandwich lunches and more. We are also contract caterers and will be very happy to discuss your company or school’s requirements.

If you would like to meet up or just have an informal chat on the phone, please feel free to contact Jo Trendall at Lettuce & Lovage any time to arrange an informal chat. Tel: 01179 856 767

Author: Jo Trendall
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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