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Most people try to conserve water to be green, and benefit the earth and society. Conserving water means having water for the future, for your children. Water is important and without it, no life on earth could exist.

But the benefit to conserving water isn’t just saving water. There’s many benefits to it over and above that.

The biggest one is electricity. Many don’t know just how heavy water really is. In order to pump water to your house, a city uses a whopping 10% of all electricity used! Using less water, fixing leaks, putting in low flow shower heads and faucets, these things don’t just save water, they save electricity too.

Less water means less fossil fuels. If you use less water, you use less electricity, which means fossil fuel generating plants burn less fossil fuel which means less carbon emissions.

Less electricity used also means less energy required to dig the fossil fuels out of the ground, too.

So what are some tips to save water, there bye using less electricity and less fossil fuels?

RAIN BARRELS – Using rain barrels in your backyard to collect water and use it to water your plants and grass. This method uses 0 electricity and produces 0 carbon emissions. Thousands of gallons a year are used for your yard. If everyone collected rain water, it would be like taking thousands of cars off the road every year.

FIX LEAKS – Taps dripping? Outside faucet won’t quite turn off? A dripping tap can fill a bathtub in less than a week. Fix the drip, save the water, consume less energy.

SHORT SHOWERS – Taking a short shower is especially hard for a teenager, but you as a parent must educate your children. They will be around when you are gone and they must understand the concept of saving – because in the future there will be less, not more.

LOW FLOW DEVICES – Low flow showerheads, tap aerators and toilet dams are cheap and will save you hundreds of dollars in water consumption, as well as saving electricity.

FLUSH THE TOILET – only when you need to. It might be a bit gross, but this is only mental. This technique is recommended for urine only!

By taking steps to conserve water, you are conserving energy and adding less carbon to the atmosphere. Doing your part has never been easier.

Mike Mandell works at a water treatment facility in Canada. As well, he runs a website providing free information and advice about drinking water, water treatment, pumps and equipment, and anything else to do with water. Visit him at http://www.truthofwater.com

Author: Mike Mandell
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