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More and more these days we are being made aware of the need to live our lives in an environmentally friendly way. We are encouraged to recycle wherever possible, to reduce our power usage and fuel consumption, and to say no to plastic bags. So how can we be environmentally friendly when it comes to decorating the house?

Many of the materials in a home, especially a new home or a newly decorated one, can actually damage your health. Paints, furnishings and carpets can all give off dangerous fumes as the materials they are made from out-gas. So choosing eco friendly materials to use in the home can also be better for you, as well as for the environment. As more and more people choose these materials, the more affordable they become, too.

Where possible, try to choose materials for furnishing your home which are recycled, re-used, are low maintenance and will last a long time, and select natural materials too.

When it comes to paint, there are now products on the market which are eco friendly. These paints do not use heavy metals in their coloring, or petro chemicals or solvents in their liquid components. Instead, they are usually water soluble, and are made using plant resins or linseed oil.

Carpets and rugs should be made from natural fibers, and it is now possible to find recycled fiber floor coverings too. Rugs are available in a particularly wide range of natural fibers, including wool, cotton, jute, hemp, bamboo, seagrass and silk. All of these now come in a wide range of styles and colors, so that you should be able to find rugs to suit the size and décor of any room in your home, and especially to suit your earth friendly theme. Remember that the backing material of your rugs or carpets should also be made of natural fibers.

Next to the furnishings: curtains or blinds, upholstery and so on can all be chosen using the theme of natural and recycled materials where possible. Recycled does not have to mean that it is old, tatty or old fashioned, either, thanks to the modern recycling techniques and clever design. If you choose a new natural fiber, it is worth trying to find organically grown if possible, because this will mean that it was grown without the use of pesticides. Hemp can grow without pesticides, which makes it an especially eco friendly material. Where possible, it’s a nice idea to try to find fair trade materials as well.

Smaller home decorating items, such as vases, lamps, throws, tea towels and all those accessories that you might want to purchase to fit in with your décor and your eco friendly theme. It should be quite easy for you to find these items in the type of materials you want so that they, too, are environmentally friendly, and without a great deal of added expense.

So whether you are considering building a new home, re-decorating your old one, or just adding a few new decorator touches, it’s worth being environmentally friendly. If you just want a new rug, or new blinds for the windows, or new light fittings, consider the environmental impact of the materials these items are made from. When you consider that many non-eco-friendly materials can also be seriously damaging to your health, it’s worth it even if you have to pay a little more.

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Author: Sarah Crosset
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