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For many people, being environmentally aware is just a part of life. People are using reusable dry cleaning bags, organic cotton bags, walking or biking to work rather than driving and so many more eco-friendly ideas that they can implement. Yet, when it comes to their lawn care, many of them are at a loss for words and/or ideas. Sales for electric lawnmowers and trimmers have jumped exponentially since people have realized the dangers with using gas-powered mowers. While, in theory, electric models are a good idea, you need to remember that the power comes from electric companies who use coal.

Going Back To The Past

The best product available for your lawn, health and the planet is the reel lawnmower. They need little maintenance other than having the blades oiled and sharpened a couple of times during the season. When you use powered motors, the grass is being torn; push mowers will trim the lawn like you were using a pair of scissors on it. Rather than use the weed wacker, use sling trimmers or long handled blades.

Rather than watering your lawn, leave out rain barrels to catch the rain then use it to water your garden/plants.

Why You Should Compost

If you want to spend the money, go ahead and purchase yourself some compost bins. Yet, save your money for something else and use some extra space in your yard. You can compost all kinds of things but make sure you leave it in a pile. Place a layer of dirt on the top and as the pile rises, you’ll need to flip it over with a pitchfork or shovel; this allows it to air out. Make sure you don’t add any meat. Meat will attract unwanted guests and can end up making it all smell bad. If you desire to speed up the composting process, add in some earthworms.

Eco-Friendly Planting

Start your eco-friendly planting by choosing trees and native plants that can help the environment. When you have plants native to your area, plants will conserve the water they receive and will need very little water to stay alive and thrive. On top of that, the plants are resistant to common bugs and pests of the area, which means there’s no real need for pesticides.

Do you like deciduous trees? Consider planting them on the east and west sides of your house so that it shades your home in summer but still allows warmth from the sun to come in during the winter months since they’ll have no leaves.

Consider mulching, as it gives it texture, color and retains the moisture. There are several kinds of recycled mulch varieties available, meaning of them for cheap.

An Eco-Friendly Watering System

On top of the rain barrel option, you can use an irrigation controller and low-volume sprinklers. Irrigation controllers can be adjusted to a schedule that allows it to water on its own. Some people can program their irrigation controller to match the local weather station. These are ideal for saving water and not wasting valuable resources.

When you use the eco-friendly ideas above for your landscape, you can reduce the spraying of pesticides and the use of powered engines, which can harm the environment. Whether your planting trees, using reusable grocery bags or turning off the water when you’re done water your lawn, you’re making an effort to go green and provide a world for future generations.

Eliza Reeder writes articles that deal with environmental concerns and eco-friendly living. She encourages everyone to help protect our planet’s future by doing things like using reusable bags. You can find more eco-friendly living tips on her reusable grocery bags site.

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