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Going green or choosing eco friendly products have proven to be not only safer for babies, children and adults, it also minimizes environmental damage. One common question asked by conscientious shoppers is “Why should safer, healthier home cleaning products cost more than items containing hazardous substances?”

Home Cleaning Products – Business as Usual

Whether a business manufactures home cleaning supplies, body care products or anything that sells, success remains dependent upon one thing called profit!

  • A successful business remains successful if it continues to produce and sell products
  • Success depends on the amount of money flowing into the business overall
  • Than the total flowing out of the business to manufacture and promote them

Is it so necessary for companies to demand to make such high profit margins? Would fairer pricing result in slightly less profit but prove more profitable over time, due to increasing demand?

  • More often than not business expectations tend to lean on the greedier side not the greener side
  • Cost cutting results in low product quality ingredients
  • Savings can also be made by choosing low cost potentially hazardous substances
  • This strategy and effort is often employed to keep the budget down & achieve higher earnings

Home Cleaning Products and Clever Advertising is Nothing New!

  • Advertising, for it to prove effective must have an impact upon the emotions of a potential consumer
  • Companies recognize the need to spend a large sums of money for successful advertising campaigns

Eco Friendly Products & Why Expect Higher Prices

Comparing prices in the home cleaning isles of many supermarket shelves often reveals the safer, greener product will likely be priced higher than the item that contains substances that cause environmental and health concerns.

For persons with a health conscious perspective or an environmental friendly focus is likely accept the higher costs to buy goods that can lessen the fear and concern associated with hazardous substances.

To purchase genuine eco friendly products is it expecting too much to pay a fair price, to expect high quality products that actually perform, I do not think so.

House holders do not let down your guard. Do not allow clever and often manipulative advertising to effect your emotions. How much easier for all if a good company provided not only safe but high quality products with a fair price tag.

Sensible consumers expect to pay for goods but would be far more willing to:

  • Refer products
  • To refer a company that operates with fairer policies

Would such large advertising costs be necessary if a company could rely on the genuine word of mouth referrals expressed by happy, satisfied customers?

On the other hand if product quality or health and safety may be lacking, is that the time when clever advertising techniques plays a major role in the business strategy hoping to achieve success.

Safe home care products & safe personal care items should not have to prove more expensive. A great eco friendly company will take pride in demonstrating commitment to safe products. Benefit the health of your house hold by searching for safe, affordable eco friendly home care products.

Is there anything more important than caring for the health of our loved ones and doing what we can individually to help lessen the impact upon our environment? We may not be able to change the world but we can alter our purchase decisions. We individually can make greener choices and make a difference.

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