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I have always worried about the environment, but, like most of us I have ended up leaving the solutions to environmental problems to “the experts”.

Pollution making it difficult to find drinking water? The “experts will take care of it. The air in our cities the consistency and color of German mustard? well, people who live in cities chose to live there, and besides, The “experts” will fix it. Recently, however, there has evolved a problem that I can`t ignore, and neither should you. Global warming is on the news every day, the reason being that it is a real, viable threat to the entire planet.

Yesterday, there was a report that said that 3.2 trillion tons of ice has melted in the arctic this year. And that`s not counting the antarctic, which has much more ice and is melting just as fast. “So what?” you might think, “it`s just more water!” Ah, but therein, as the saying goes, lies the rub. More fresh water in our oceans can have a dramatic effect on the global climate, most notably in Europe and North America.

You see, arctic ice, melting at the rate that it is, is adding trillions of gallons of fresh water to the north Atlantic, just where the Gulf Stream turns eastward and starts its loop across the Atlantic and then southward along the western shores of northern Europe. This has a tremendous moderating effect on the climate, essentially making Great Britain and the rest of northern Europe habitable. Fresh water, being heavier than salt water, sinks to the bottom of the sea. There is real cause for concern that all this fresh, sinking water will drag the Gulf Stream down with it, thus ending the circulation of the stream and turning Europe and North America into a deep-freeze.

Air pollution in the form of greenhouse gases is the culprit, and almost all the industrialized world produces it at an astounding rate because a huge percentage of electricity is produced using fossil fuels such as coal and oil to turn the turbines that generate the power, thus sending billions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere where it traps the heat from the sun, raising global temperatures.

Eventually, almost everyone on the planet will be forced to lower their “carbon footprint” if we are to survive.

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Tom Thompson

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Author: Tom Thompson
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