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The idea of manmade global warming has come under fire during the last few months. Those that gather and disperse the information, it has been discovered have changed the numbers so that man made global warming appears to be factual.

Some of these ‘scientists’ are now admitting that the data shows that global warming has not been occurring since 1995.

Literally thousands of scientists have supplied information that contradicts the idea of human caused global warming. Only recently has this contrarian idea been confirmed.It now has been revealed that global warming ‘scientists’ have skewed the data. This has now been admitted to.

This reveals the fact that the politics can have an effect on the results of some scientists. Ie. scientists are not all looking for just the facts.

Our world, of course, seems to always be cooling or warming. This has been occurring for thousands of years. So far, however, there has been no proof that humans are the cause of these trends (Activity on The Sun seems to be the most scientific explanation).

It is startling how the idea of man made global warming and Darwin’s theory of evolution seem to parallel each other.

o The data and information is gathered mainly in universities and government agencies (is it ‘the fox that is guarding the hen house’?).
o Both use ad hominem attacks, such as calling the opposition ‘flat-earthers’ or other names.
o Opponents are kept away from much of the original data. They are simply not allowed to view much of the information that is used to substantiate the ideas.
o Both have very strong support from the media despite the fact that scientific evidence overhelmingly opposes both ideas
o Both are pushed very strongly in public schools and universities.

It is easier to find information and data concerning global warming (although the data was kept secret for years) than it is with Darwinism because evolution deals with numerous aspects of science.
The person that has showed enough interest to dig beneath the surface of the normal university or high school textbook will know of the following hoaxes (or just terrible science) that has been used to ‘prove’ the theory of evolution.

o Piltdown Man: a creature with traits of both humans and apes. Used for four decades as the theory of evolution was getting a ‘foothold’ in the US until someone discovered that this ‘ape-man’was formed with the mixture of both ape and human bones, with discoloring of bones to make them look old, teeth filed down etc.
o Nebraska Man was a much publicized ‘ape man’ used in the Sccopes trial (very highly publicized). It was very instrumental in establishing the idea of humans evolving from apes. Later this ‘ape-man’ was discovered to be drawn using just one tooth of an extinct pig.
o Haeckel’s Embryos was a chart that showed various vertebrates that ‘go through the evolution stages’ while in the embryo stage (which even includes the ‘gill stage’). This chart was exposed as a hoax in the late 1800’s. (Although it can still be found in many textbooks today).

These hoaxes and bad science are not the exception. There are literally dozens of scientific laws, principles and facts that are in direct contradiction with the theory of evolution.

Statist regimes (including Nazism), Socialism and Communism all rely on Darwin’s theory of evolution (mainly to get rid of the idea of Judaism and Christianity). Their manifestos often include the theory as a foundation for their ideas.

Today, it seems to be the same people that supported manmade global warming are also pushing the idea of evolution.

Unless we go just a little beneath the surface of the typical textbook, we will remain convinced of the information that educators and politicians have been teaching us for decades concerning both ideas.

Politics and science do not mix well. And if they do get mixed together, it is consistently the science that suffers at the expense of politics. Recent discoveries have shown that the ‘science of manmade global warming has been seriously compromised. With all of the facts that we are discovering about evolution, it appears that the same thing is happening with it as well.

Until some kind of evolution evidence emerges to give credence to the theory, Darwinism will, more than likely, continue down the same path that man made global warming has taken. It may well take many decades, however, to expose the serious problems of evolution to the public.

Next: discover how the evolution evidence is now contradicting many scientific facts and principles. Learn the many stunning facts that we were never told in school.

Author: Justian Philips
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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