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Chances are you know someone who has a garden. It might be small or big, used to grow vegetables or flowers, a simple patch of dirt or an elaborate garden with retaining walls and statues. But how do you know if a person really loves to garden? Here are some clues that a person truly loves gardening.

They plan their schedule around the seasons. They aren’t available most of the time because they are planting during the spring, they are watering during the summer and they are harvesting in the fall. Basically, this means that they are only available during the winter.

They spend more time in their garden than they do with their family. So, if you plan on visiting with this person, you had better be prepared to do some work in their garden with them.

The first thing that they talk about when they see you is their garden. For example, they talk about what they planted that year, how big the plants are growing, and how the weather is affecting their garden. To earn some brownie points, ask them “How is your garden” instead of asking, “How are you today”. It’ll work every time.

They have more pictures of their garden then of anything else and they show the pictures to everyone they see, including strangers.

When you look at their bookshelf, their books on gardening take up more shelf space than all their other books put together. Some of the books include, “Vegetable Gardening Basics” and “Garden Using Your Heart”.

All their jokes involve gardening. Who knew gardening could be so funny?

They are passionate about collecting rainwater. They have special rain barrels to collect the water from roof gutters. These special rain barrels have a screen on the top to keep leaves and other debris out of the water, plus a tap on the barrel, which they use to fill up their watering can.

They know all the tricks on how to make their plants grow bigger and better than anyone else’s plants and they produce the healthiest flowers, trees and vegetables that you have ever seen. They know tricks like how to provide extra heat to plants like tomatoes and green peppers, which grow better in the heat.

They read and write in blogs on gardening every day, just for fun. Even if they have their own blog, they still write in and read other people’s blogs.

They save the seeds from plants in their garden and in late winter, they plant them in containers indoors before the snow has even melted. Once the risk of frost has passed, the seedlings are transplanted in the garden outside and quickly grow into big, healthy plants.

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Author: Joanne Jones
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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