Jun 262010

Elimination Communication is a fun way to connect with your baby each day.

By offering potty breaks you can reduce the waste produced by your baby, or your washing load (or both!), minimizing the environmental footprint of your baby.

Families all over the world and throughout time have used this gentle way of helping baby to stay clean and dry as much as they can (yes, not all the time), and more importantly, they enjoy the communication with their pre-verbal little baby, the insight into their world this window can open up – it is why people get hooked when they take the plunge and have a go!

3 Key Ideas About Infant Potty Training. These Tips Will Help You to Understand EC:

1. Being part time nappy or diaper free is about the communication with your baby, NOT about early toilet training. Again – it is NOT about early toilet training – that is something different. EC is about the bond between parents and baby / toddler, developing your relationship into new areas of understanding.

2. Yes, practicing EC can mean your toddler achieves earlier independence, but it is not a given, as EC is about their personal journey – and many things in life can ‘happen’ and fluff around with that journey. Around two is general average for when EC toddlers achieve good communication, though few diapers are used daily often long before then.

3. Meanwhile you will likely use far less nappies / diapers than if you were using diapers full time. Think of it as about reducing any sort of waste or washing related to your baby, that’s a sensible thought, whether it is one less diaper or many, you can consider yourself ‘Part Time Diaper Free’.

Like any option, of course, if it doesn’t interest you – don’t do it! People practicing EC see it as a bond with their babies, not a competition to independence, not a way of being better – it is simply better for them.

Perhaps it will be a wonderful discovery for your family? It’s pretty easy to give it a go as your baby wears diapers between potty visits. There is no concern about ‘mess’ everywhere. Your baby will go in their diaper as usual when you miss their needs or are otherwise busy at the time.

EC is a flexible option, you need to have some daily consistency, a regular time you give your babe the ‘opportunity’ to use a baby potty to help them stay aware and familiar with a potty. Your ‘default’ is the diaper, so no loss when you are busy, like all Mamas are!

Pop over to Charndra’s website on Infant Potty Training, Part Time EC Join to access a popular and free guided tour on elimination communication (EC) to ease into Baby Pottying with Confidence! Give EC a go! It’s good for your budget, your baby, your bond and the Earth…

Author: Charndra Josling
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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