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Determining the hen house for you might require something thinking. There are many different aspects, such as, size and style, stationary or mobile, DIY or pre-built, cold or hot weather ready, safety, cost and ease of building as well as accessibility and cleanliness. Answering even a few of these questions will save you a lot of frustration and ensure that your experience with raising organic chicken and eggs will be one that you thoroughly enjoy.

1) Size

To maintain happy and healthy chickens, it is best to make sure that each chicken has between four and six square feet of space to live and get exercise. The more space, the healthier the chicken will be. This will then determine how many chickens you are able to house, which, in turn will give you an approximate size for the house.

2) Style

Taking a good look at the area you have available will probably determine what style would be most appropriate as well. You might also be able to determine whether you would like to have a chicken tractor (mobile house) or a regular fixed hen house.

3) Access

Be sure to keep in mind the ease of access to the hen house, so that cleaning is as short and simple as possible. A good plan will have well thought out access to the hen house already compensated for in the plans itself.

4) Safety

Safety for the chickens in the hen house is also very important. There are many natural predators that need to be accounted for, including dogs, coyotes, raccoons, skunks, lions, red-tailed hawks and bears, just to name a few. There are techniques that are simple and effective to adequately protect your new chickens while outside in the run or in the house.

There are many things to consider before you purchase or build. Take the time to look through a few plans that might be the perfect set for you. The hen house plan that will produce the healthiest chickens and the most eggs is the one that will make your experience with your new green living adventure one that will continue for many years.

The Hen House Plan That Makes Sense!

Being in the construction industry for many years, the trend of building green has been something that I have been very interested in and have tried to incorporate in as many ways as possible. Living green goes hand in hand with building green and I have since been focused on replacing the organic food that I purchase. Chicken and eggs are two things that I can easily replace with just a few dollars and a bit of time. Please check out the hen house plan that might just be perfect for you and your family.

Author: Daphne Schmitz
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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