Jun 212010

I have been enjoying writing articles about gardening and thought why not put them together into an eBook so that folks can get them all in one place. The trouble with writing an eBook is not the actual technical stuff like converting to a PDF etc – that’s very easy with Open Office.

The main issue is what to include, what to leave out – as gardening is such a huge topic and, as gardening is the world’s largest hobby, it has a very broad audience. So the inclusion or exclusion factor then also has to be a decision about addressing topics broadly or narrowly. It is sheerly impossible to include everything – unless I wanted to write an encyclopaedia!

So who deciding the target audience was my solution – for what to include. I decided to write for folks who are perhaps just getting into gardening – and I see the eBook as a way of encouraging them – as well as assisting them getting started with solid ideas and information.

It was also important to demonstrate how much there is to gardening – and, that it isn’t just a chore, but a source of endless fascination as we watch nature do its thing – there is something special about watching plants grow and come into bloom.

Like most gardeners, I just like chatting about the subject – in fact you usually can’t shut us up when we really get going – which says something about gardening doesn’t it! The content then was easy to compile – my knowledge comes from over 20 years experience – both as a home gardener and a one time landscaper.

Rather than try to be all-inclusive, my focus was primarily on my favourite plants, plus adding in some practical tips about design and growing requirements.

I also saw it as an opportunity to promote the whole concept of being “more green: – we all need to do our bit about reducing our own carbon footprint. And, gardens are just a natural and easy way to start this. Let governments fight and argue over it as much as they like – we should make our own efforts regardless of them – like charity, going green begins at home.

Like writing any “how to” eBook it is important to be clear as well as informative – so that readers know what’s involved, where to start and what to do for a good garden. My idea was to have sufficient – to achieve my aim as stated above – but not be so lean as to be just a nod and a wink to the joy of gardening – nor pretend that there is no need to drill deeper and acquire books by respected gardeners or research sites on the internet.

In the long run it was necessary to have a good introduction, with expert advice and suffice to whet a new gardener’s appetite or get their latent green thumb tingling!

Would you would like to see the result? Perhaps learn more about gardening too? If so, please download my free e-book on “Better Gardening Ideas.” This one is ourresult: new Expert Gardening Solutions is also now available. Peter Ryan is a landscape and gardening expert and can be reached here: http://www.betterhouseandgarden.net/learn-how-to-garden-easily.

Author: Peter Damien Ryan
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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