Jun 192010

How many times a day are we encouraged to “GO GREEN”. We hear from the Science Community about how we are destroying our environment. We hear how our carbon foot print affects the world around us. While we should be concerned with our environment, the reality is that Going Green is very expensive and most Average Americans can not afford the price tag.

While there is public transportation in metropolitan areas, there is none available in rural areas of this country. Individuals must relieve on automobiles and fossil fuel. Without a car or truck, they can’t go to work, school or anywhere else.

While it would be wonderful to have solar panels or wind turbines on homes, the cost is too expensive for the Average American household. How many of us would be happy to reduce the amount of electricity we consume, to reduce the demand for fossil fuels?

Water usage should be a priority for everyone, but how many individuals really monitor how much water they use in a day, a month or even a year. How many are willing to reduce the number of showers or baths that they take? How many would reduce the amount of laundry they do in a day or even a week?

Environmental friendly detergent and household cleaners are wonderful. But, how many of us can afford the expense?

Many rural areas do not have the means to recycle. It is left up the the individual to follow their conscience. If they do recycle, it is up to them to find a recycling center, transport the cans, glass and or paper to the center. There is no continuity in how recycling is managed in this country.

Going Green is a reality that is along way from being affordable for the Average American Family. Most Americans are conserving water and electricity because of budget reasons. We purchase the cheapest detergent or cleanser to save money not the environment.

Environmentalist scream about the lack of concern for our planet, but the reality is that most of us are worried about keeping a roof over our heads, food on the table and paying our bills. Until there are realistic changes to the cost of Going Green, most of us have no alternative but to continue on as we are.

Green jobs are no where to be found in today’s market place.

As a working wife and mother, I am quite aware of the difficult times that we live in. With high unemployment, families in this country are finding in difficult to make ends might. Our political leaders in local, state and federal levels are too far removed from the average American to understand our concerns.

Time and time again we voice our opinion and the media ignore us or simple view us as simple minded. We tell our so called legislative representatives what we want or don’t want and they either ignore us or bow to special interests.

While, one person can not turn the tide, I do have the Right ad ability to voice a perspective on the current political and social atmosphere in this country.

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Author: Mary Funari
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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