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Do you know anyone who owns a home kitchen garden? Then keep their gardening passion in your mind when shop for them. It’s easy to forget about gardening when the leaves have fallen and every day is cold-particularly if you, yourself, are not a gardener. But if you have a gardener on your recipient list, you have a wide variety of gift options to make your shopping easier.

The owner of a small kitchen garden will be happy to receive tools such as garden forks, shovels, and cultivators. An avid gardener uses these items often, so give tools as gifts and often be in the thoughts of the recipients. But get hung up on tools. There are plenty of other items that are perfect for any home kitchen gardener.

Gift Ideas for a Home Kitchen Garden

  • Books: Weed ’em And Reap, The $64 Tomato, Designing the New Kitchen Garden… there are too many worthwhile books to name. But pay attention: if the gardener in your life grows only vegetables, there’s no point in giving a book about growing pansies. If it’s a “how-to” book, make sure it has a lot of pictures.
  • Tools: rakes, shovels, hoes, mattocks, garden forks, edging tools, weeders, and cultivators. Many gardeners with large garden beds would be thrilled to receive a power tiller.
  • Hauling: tool aprons, wheel barrows, hose carts, garden carts, tool buckets. If your wallet is as big as your heart, a small lawn tractor could make a good gift.
  • Storage: tool carts, tool sheds, tool hangers, and tool racks. For the small kitchen garden, space is a premium, so things that provide organization are terrific gifts. Irrigation: watering cans, hoses, hose reels, drip watering systems, sprinklers, hose nozzles, rain barrels, and rain barrel stands. Many gardeners figure some day they’ll install a rain barrel, but it never seems to happen; you can be the catalyst.
  • Compost: bins, barrels, buckets, forks, mixers, spinners, starter (activator), indoor- and worm-composting systems. Sure, you can buy compost, but it’s a bear to gift-wrap.
  • Garden-themed items: pillows, sheets, bedspreads, dish towels, and pot holders; fine art prints, ceramic figurines, sculpture, and jewelry; tee shirts, gardening gloves, sun hats, and knee pads. Any of these can demonstrate your appreciation for your loved one’s passion for gardening. Choose right and your gift might become a keepsake for all seasons.

Daniel Gasteiger, the original CitySlipper, blogs to help people grow produce at home. His web site, Home Kitchen Garden teaches about all facets of growing things to eat in your own space. His other web site, Small Kitchen Garden explores vegetable and fruit gardening for people with limited space.

Author: Daniel Gasteiger
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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