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If you are planning to add a water feature in the garden or a water fountain, then choose a rain chain. It is a unique water feature that creates gentle sounds. But you might be wondering what are rain chains. Rain chains are decorative cups, trinkets and containers attached to each other with a chain and create a lovely sound as the rain water runs down the chain into a rain barrel or any other form of receptacle to collect and harvest the rain water. This chain of trinkets or cups creates melodious and lovely sounds when it is raining. Also, it looks quite unique and decorative.

This concept originated in Japan and it is called Kusari Doi. The rain chains are also used as alternatives for rain gutters and pipes. The concept is several hundreds of years old. It was common to find them in the temples of Japan. They used the chains to collect rain water which was then stored for use later. Even today, several households in Japan use these chains. This is more or less like water harvesting.

Over a prolonged usage, the chains end up getting a natural green tinge known as patina. The combination of colors that form naturally is also pleasant on the eyes. In terms of Feng Shui, rain chains have great importance. They activate the chi flow, which is flow of energy, in the house and stabilize the positive energies. Whenever it makes those pleasant sounds there is positive energy flowing into the house.

Rain chains do not get clogged easily and they are easy to install. In order to install a chain, you need to hang a copper chain over the barrel which stores water. You simply need to hang the chain from the same hole where the storm gutter pipe comes out. You can reduce the size of the hole though. Also, you can decorate the chain by tying cups and other trinkets to it.

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