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The idea of going green is a concept that requires the action of everyone, not just of government or concerned groups. The notion of going green should always start at home. The art of eco-friendly landscaping should offer homeowners an opportunity to cut costs, save money, time, and natural resources as well.

Furthermore, creating a home garden and filling it with healthier plants and soil, helps in alleviating pollution and creates a healthy ecosystem as well. Eco-friendly landscaping advocates argue that the future of sustainable landscaping significantly lies in our ability to adopt natural processes, which in turn helps to reduce pollution, cut back on the use of poisonous chemicals, and create natural living environments that are good not only for man but for nature’s other creatures as well.

Maximizing the Use of Organic Matter in Landscaping

The discipline of utilizing significant amounts of organic matter helps in retaining the fertility and overall health of the soil. For your home’s landscaping project, the use of compost would be a good choice, as many consider these to be wonderful organic alternative material that you can use for your garden. Compost is well-known in all green landscaping projects, because this natural component helps to effectively nourish the plants, and aids in keeping the soil healthy and fertile. Utilizing organic materials also helps to keep your home garden fresh and livid, without the need to pour or spray artificial chemicals or fertilizers.

Eco-Friendly Irrigation Options for Your Home Garden

Another aspect in keeping your landscaping project an eco-friendly one, is to properly consider which irrigation options are best to use. You and your contractor need to discuss which irrigation methods to implement. You can go for one that allows for a slow release of water to the soil surface or those that goes directly into the plant’s root systems.

As some common irrigation methods like spray irrigation, are known to waste a considerable amount of water, you and your contractor should be able to identify technologies or systems which significantly reduce the amount of water used for spraying plants and grass and help cut down on your water bills as well.

Using Recycled Materials for Landscaping

Eco-friendly landscaping would flunk in its objectives if it fails to incorporate the significant use of recycled materials. Utilizing recycled materials like mulch, compost and other organic matter would greatly help in reducing the use of non-natural materials and hazardous chemicals.

Using recycled plastic boards, fiberglass materials and other eco-friendly materials helps in reducing the need to cut down trees, and aids in considerably reducing overall construction costs while providing for more environment-friendly and safer landscaping options.

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