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If you have a garden in your backyard, there are other sources of water other than using your hose in the backyard for water. There is nothing wrong with water your garden this way, but using some of the alternative sources of water is a big plus as it saves money and is better for the environment.

The first way is to use rain water. While you might not have much rain in your area, rain barrels are a good way of doing this. The more barrels you have the more rain you can catch. While this might not be enough in some areas to be 100% of the water source, it’s a good option to look into. Water for the garden can be stored in a rain barrel for quite sometime.

Another option is to use what’s called grey water. For many people in homes that already have piping, making a grey water system is a bit of a project. Some have rerouted water run off from the bathtub or shower to go into a grey water system which can be used on many plants.

A simpler way to have a grey water system is to capture the run off from a sink in your home. Have the water go into a canister and you can use that for your plants.

Another option is to capture your shower water. Many leave the water in their shower running for a minute or two to get the hot water to come out of it. Use a bucket or bin to catch this water which can be used in your garden. It will take a bit of effort to carry the water, but it’s worth it to save a bit of water each day.

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