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In some areas of the country it is mandatory to conserve water in your yard and garden, places like Southern California and some regions hit with severe drought conditions. Let’s take a look at some examples and tips that will save water in your garden and yard. Water is a precious commodity so in order to use it wisely you need to take the steps to save.

Paying attention to your water usage is your first defense to save. Water your garden as sparingly as possible, by planting plants that grow as a native in your area you will be able to water less frequently. Be aware of your water sources this can determine your watering frequency.

Try these tips to conserve. Place a rain barrel under the spout of your drain pipe off your roof, by collecting rain water you are re-using the use of other sources such as city water. Keep in mind, you should make sure to keep a screen or lid on the top of the barrel to keep out debris (such as leaves, twigs) as well as mosquito’s that could breed in the barrel making it a insect problem area. Some barrels will come with a faucet at the bottom making it easier to have access to the rain water.

If you have a large enough backyard consider getting a cistern, which is a large storage holding tank for holding rain water but can also be used to collect grey water, or water that has already been used for washing, laundry, dishes and bath water, this water can be used to water plants and cut down on your usage of city and public water.

Water your plants or yard during the early morning before the sun comes up or after the sun sets to avoid evaporation associated with the hot sun rays.

Use a soaker hose rather than a sprinkler. Sprinklers can run large volumes of water in a short period of time, make sure that you measure your water usage by placing a plate in your and measure how much water you have used in a period of time.

Resist the temptation to water your lawn because it looks brown, by over-watering you weaken your lawns roots structure because the roots look for water at it’s surface.

By following these tips you will conserve your usage and save the planet as well which has a limited amount of water available.

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