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The average wine barrel effectively ages wine for about 5 years. By then, the wine barrel has imparted its flavorings of oak and is no longer aging and enhancing the wine’s bouquet or flavor.

One option to lengthen your oak barrel’s aging life is to shave several layers of oak from the inside of the staves and re-char the wood. This may extend the life of the barrel up to 10 years yet the results are not the same as new wood.

Another option is to create a new life for your barrel. Respectfully retire your oak barrel from a life of aging wine to a new life of symbolizing the wine tasting lifestyle!

The wine barrel is a historic and fundamental symbol of wine making and offers many decorative opportunities. Wine barrels can be crafted into unique furniture pieces to continue to enhance wine tasting in another dimension! They are functional art! Old or new, big or small, they enhance any wine cellar or tasting room. Oak is durable and its grain evidence of Mother Nature’s genius! Give new life to your retired wine barrel. Go green in the process by using your barrel for catching rain. Wine barrels make great rain barrels but they do require care as they must be kept moist and must be kept clean. Cascading water fountains and garden planters are constructed from half barrels and offer unique decor for your home and garden. Barrel troughs are halved lengthwise and can be used as a raised garden bed or a stand up shelf or table in your tasting room or outside patio. The options are endless so consider putting your signature on a retired oak barrel!

Wine Aging and Wine Tasting go hand in hand. Imagine a tasting table or a large barrel chair enhancing your deck or patio. Consider the multiple uses of a barrel head, with or without the steel hoop or band. They can transform into beautiful serving trays, lazy susans, face clocks or personalized signs!

Retired wine barrel staves offer unique decorative choices such as wine racks, stands, candle holders, baskets or more!
The end of wine aging may be the beginning of a new life for your barrel! Consider its many options and create new life for your old barrel and enhance your lifestyle while doing it! Extend the life of your oak barrel. Check out http://winebarrelsforyou.com/wine-barrels for more ideas!

Diana is a business owner and wine enthusiast. She enjoys writing about the human condition, marketing and wine related topics in a style that provokes thought and offers information.

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