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Do you have a garden or water your lawn frequently? Do you want to decrease the amount of potable water you use and save money on your utility bills? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you should consider installing a rain harvesting system in your backyard.

A rain harvesting system is made up of a large barrel with a spigot attachment on the bottom and both a water intake hole and an overflow line on the top. For a do it yourself project, you will need a fifty five gallon food grade barrel. Make sure the barrel is cleaned out thoroughly before installing. The barrel is connected to the downspout coming off your roof. When it rains, water that hits your roof is collected into the rain barrel. When your harvesting system is full, water runs out through the overflow valve.

Your rain system will collect water and store it until it is needed. Be sure to use the collected water within a months time to help minimize the chances of bacteria buildup. You can use harvested water on your garden, your lawn, or to clean. By matching tasks that do not require potable quality water, such as cleaning, with what you have collected, you decrease the demand on a scarce resource. Also, it takes a lot of energy for your municipality to turn supplies into potable quality water. By using a harvesting system, you reduce the amount of energy we all need to use.

When rain hits an impermeable surface, such as asphalt or your roof, the water is heated dramatically and rushes away quickly. Heated, fast moving water can have a damaging impact on the surrounding environment and is a major cause of erosion.

Constructing a water harvesting device is an easy and fun do it yourself project. With a fifty five gallon barrel and a few parts from your local hardware store, you can create your own harvesting system and have it up and functional within a single day. For those who are not looking for a project, watter barrel systems can be purchased from many online retailers for around one hundred dollars. No matter which rout you choose, your harvesting system will save you money on your utility bills, decrease the amount of potable water you use, and also decrease the damaging effects of water runoff from impermeable surfaces.

Your rain water barrel will help to minimize heated runoff from impermeable surfaces.

Author: Thomas Lape
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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