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A new generation of shoppers are beginning to approach furniture shopping with an entirely new approach. Green friendly products are becoming an important offering in the world of furniture. Manufacturers are also becoming for eco aware in terms of their manufacturing practices and how they recycle the waste at their facilities. So what does this mean for us when we’re shopping for a new bed or other furniture?

Eco-friendly practices are considered any action that has a net positive result for our environment. There are many companies that employ efforts to both manufacturer or retail furniture products that meet positive eco guidelines. These can range from simple things like instituting policies for recycling paper or aluminum in the office. Actions such as reducing waste from production by streamlining manufacturer processing of raw materials to create less waste. Controlling factory emissions and reducing harmful pollutants going into the air by using natural alternatives.

Bamboo has been one such alternative in natural resources that has been gaining popularity. You might ask, well what does bamboo have to offer over woods like oak, maple, ash or any other resource? Let’s examine bamboo a little more closely. Bamboo itself is often confused as being a wood. It is in fact a plant or more specificly a grass. It grows in tall stalks or culms which grow very fast and get very hard. Usually within seven years the stalks of the bamboo plant are ready to be harvested and can then be processed into boards for construction.

Why is a fast growing plant a positive in being eco-friendly? Consider this for a moment. Woods like oak, maple and ash may take anywhere from fifty years or more to grow before they can be harvested. Once harvested, these trees will need to be replenished by planting seedlings which will then require another growth cycle of fifty or more years. Bamboo grows quick and is harvested within seven years. After being harvested it grows back just as quick and in another seven years its ready to be harvested again. You can harvest bamboo plants up to 6 times in the time it takes an oak or maple tree to grow for harvesting. It reduces the eco impact on the planet greatly by harvesting this fast growing plant.

Bamboo in furniture offers many positive things as well. Bamboo beds for example offer a more exotic grain pattern than say an oak or ash bed. This exotic look is unique in appearance and will spice up the look of any bedroom. Bamboo is very strong. Just as strong as hard rock maple and will provide a lot of tensile strength to the furniture or products made from it. Bamboo beds will have this strength incorporated into the bamboo that makes up the frame of the bed which will provide many years of continued use.

Besides furniture and beds made from bamboo, bamboo has been used in flooring as well as other products. Valued for its strength and green culture bamboo offers an excellent alternative to many types of wood used in homes today. You may have just purchased a home or remodeled and found bamboo choices in many cabinets and flooring.

Maybe you’re looking for a healthy eco-friendly alternative to wood products. Perhaps you’re interested in finding furniture that has a green approach to design and materials. Bamboo offers many advantages in the way of its growth cycle and harvesting. Bamboo grows quickly and can be harvested within seven years. Many species of wood take anywhere from fifty years or more before harvesting. Bamboo offers an exotic look in furniture, beds and flooring and will help create a unique appearance for any bedroom. Bamboo has much strength and durability which allows it to be used in everyday applications.

If you are an eco-friendly person or enjoy being more green in your life choices, bamboo is a healthy alternative when it comes to furniture, beds and any number of other uses for this unique plant. I would encourage you to learn more about bamboo and its uses in helping to make our world a greener one.

P. Pendleton is an experienced furniture writer for several furniture websites. Bamboo beds are a great eco-friendly choice in furniture. For more visit platform beds to find out more about bamboo beds.

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