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Fresh water has become one of the scarcest resources, and it is getting scarcer. Water that is suitable for human consumption and use is also getting more expensive. As a result, saving water is one part of a greener lifestyle that will also save you money. Here are 5 easy things you can do now to save water and enjoy the benefits from living greener and more economically.

1. Use less water at home. Reduce the duration of showers and the volume of baths. Only run the dishwasher and clothes washer when they are full. Running fewer cycles will save water and money on your water bill and utility bill. Install a low-flush toilet if you can. As shocking as it may sound at first, you can think about even flushing your toilet less often.

2. Avoid bottled water. Drink water from the tap if at all possible. The only reason to buy bottled water in any developed country is taste; tap water is perfectly safe to drink. Remember that all those plastic bottles used to sell bottled water cost a lot in terms of resources. Install a home-water purifier if you cannot stand the taste of your own tap water and leave the bottled water on the shelf. If you want to take bottled water with you when you drive or keep it at your desk at work, at least re-use bottles and refill them with water from the tap.

3. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth. There is no reason the faucet should run while you are brushing. That water is simply going straight down the drain, along with a little of your money to pay for it.

4. Fix (or have fixed) leaks from the toilet and faucet as soon as possible. A running toilet can waste a surprising amount of water in only a day.

5. Develop a yard and garden that needs less water. Reduce the number of watering cycles and the duration of each cycle if you water your lawn and garden with a sprinkler system. If you are really ambitious, collect the water that runs while you are waiting for your shower to warm up and use it to water your lawn or garden.

These are all small things that, when taken together, add up to a more significant impact. Each person who makes these five things a habit will save thousands of gallons of fresh water over the next ten years.

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