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Green cars, solar panels, bamboo plates and green furniture. The world is going green with almost everything. You can also go green with your drink coasters. Coasters made from degradable materials such as sandstone are as durable, beautiful and useful as the synthetic ones. These materials are recyclable and will not damage the environment. Additionally, they help to make the user feel gratified by the fact that he or she is contributing to the protection of the environment.

You can use them in your kitchen, mini bar, patio or in the garden. Wherever used, they serve the same function as their wood, paper or plastic versions.

Coasters protect your furniture from damage in an environmentally responsible way. You will be able to shield your tables, desk or coffee tables from stains, discoloration and warps. This way you can make them last longer, preserve their shine and maintain their beauty.

Sandstone coasters come in various shapes and sizes. They can have customized logos or have themed graphics. If you have a bar, you can have your slogan or logo neatly printed on the sandstone coasters. You can also have these types of coasters in your restaurant where you have pieces of advertising messages on them. Stull further, you can use these green coasters as giveaways, gifts, or souvenirs for patrons at your eatery. If you had an environmentalist friend, the sandstone coasters will serve as a perfect gift for them.

Choosing eco friendly coasters demonstrates your commitment to the protection of the world’s resources. Using them to protect your furniture will complement conservation efforts.

Jim Slate is a designer, and environmentalist. If you are interested in totally natural, 100% green, sandstone drink coasters then visit, where you will find the worlds largest selection of all natural stone coasters.

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