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Spectrally select tint is a solar film that filters out 40-70% of the solar heat normally transmitted through window glass (IG units), glazing while allowing virtually all of visible light to pass through the glazing system. Spectrally selective solar films are optically designed to reflect infrared wavelengths (780 nanometers to 1200 nanometers) but remain transparent to others. Such solar tint coatings are commonly used to reflect the infrared (heat) portion of the solar spectrum while admitting a higher portion of visible light. They help create a window with a low U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient but a high visible light transmittance (VLT).

Spectrally selective coatings can be applied on various types of window film to produce “customized” glazing systems capable of either increasing or decreasing solar gains according to the aesthetic and climatic effects desired for a particular building.

Spectrally selective solar window films are different than traditional window films. Traditional window films rely on dyed products or highly reflective aluminum coatings that are either vapor coated or sputtered on clear polyester. Traditional automotive films are examples of dyed films. “Silver 20” are traditional commercial films that have the “mirror effect.” Spectrally selective films are clear, yet reject the heat before it can enter a home, office or automobile.

Simulations generated by computers have shown that window glazing with commercial films may decrease the electric space cooling requirements of offices and homes in warm climates by more than 40%.

Tint suppliers located in Houston, Texas and St. Louis, MO have a wide range of solar tint that includes spectrally select window films. Tint suppliers will create energy audits at no charge to demonstrate the amount of energy that a building will conserve with solar tint.

Spectrally select films are a great way to keep the light but reject the heat. Be green and conserve energy with premium architectural window film.

Phillip Hollocher has been in the window film distribution business since 1996. Hollocher opened his first distribution center in Miami, Florida where he lived for 10 years. Hollocher works on educating the market place about the solar control properties of commercial window tint and residential window tint also know as solar tint, sun tint and solar control window film.

Hollocher conducted energy conservation seminars to the governments of Japan, Brazil, and China where he explained how solar control tint can stop up to 88% of the heat from passing through windows and that window film rebate programs are the most effective utility rebate program that can be created to reduce energy consumption immediately. It’s effective & simple; metalized commercial tint conserves energy.

Energy audits will be supplied of your home or office at no charge that show how much energy you can conserve with solar control window film, solar tint.

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