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The bulky, tank style, electric hot water heater is still available and has been made more eco-friendly to reduce the impact on our environment. However, as technology has evolved, other water heaters have emerged that have improved energy efficiency.

Tankless gas water heaters, using either propane or natural gas are leading the way. These systems operate on demand, supplying instant hot water only when it is required, and shutting down as soon as the tap has been turned off. This means that less energy is being used, no water is being wasted waiting for it to heat up and the hot water will not ‘run out’ because it is being heated as it passes through the heat exchanger rather than storing a finite amount in a tank.

The Rheem and Rinnai companies have excellent tankless versions of these products that have earned the energy star label indicating that they have met all of the strict criteria necessary to display that their product is energy efficient and will save you money in terms of operating costs. Rinnai also offers a space heating hydronic air handler that is designed to specifically match their gas product in order to use the same source of energy to heat the water and the air of the home, meaning huge utility bill savings and a dramatic decrease in the emissions that are harming our planet.

Solar water heaters are probably the most energy efficient, however it is often beyond the means of the average householder to afford the up front prices for purchasing and installing one of these, so the tankless gas, despite being more expensive than the electric tank variety, are more within reach when it comes to the initial outlay and will be the product that saves you the most money in operating costs throughout its lifetime, which is about 20 years…double that of the tank style.

In regard to maintenance and troubleshooting, these tankless gas water heaters are also much easier. As long as an indoor system has adequate venting there is usually minimal maintenance to do and the inbuilt self diagnostic system will display easy to understand codes to guide you in the maintenance or troubleshooting of the unit if there are any problems. Of course, safety should always be your first priority and if in any doubt call a professional immediately for any type of water heater problems.

There are too many benefits and features to list right here but doing some online research into these types of water heaters and how they may best suit your needs is the easiest way to learn more about what could be the most important long term investment you’ll make, when it comes to staying comfortable, saving money and doing your bit to help the environment.

In order to make an informed decision on what is a very important investment, you need to learn more about how these newer water heaters work, which fuel is the most suitable for where you live, what sort of volume demand your household has, the benefits, features and drawbacks of the different types, and a whole host of other details you should be aware of. Visit to find answers to your questions and learn what you need to know in order to choose the right water heater for your home.

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