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For as long as I have been in business – 14 years now – I have seen many people who had the desire to impact people’s lives believe that it is an either/ or scenario. The limiting belief is either you do something that makes an impact OR you do something that will provide you with a good living.

For years, I have been telling people that it does not have to be one or the other. That you can have both. And my stand on that has not changed. Yes, things are changing in the world and yes the economy has been affected. But you can still do something you are passionate about and make a good living. This month will be my most profitable month ever. I don’t say that to brag. I want you to know that if this is possible for me, then it is possible for you as well. We are all in this together and can support each other in stepping into our purpose and making our dreams come true as we take responsibility for making this planet a better place to live

Did I make some tweaks to my business to create this prosperity? Absolutely.

As things change, we must change with them. And I find that the changes I am making suit me, my lifestyle and my passions even better than before. I am making more money in less time while making more of a difference and I enjoy teaching my coaching clients how to do the same.

(BTW – if you find you have a hard time reading about other people’s success, start blessing those people who have what you want. As you begin to do that, your will draw more success into your own life.)

In today’s environment, sustainability is also a part of the conversation. I am all for sustainability. As a matter of fact, my husband and I are looking at moving as we are craving being in nature more. We will either build or retro-fit a home to be self-sustaining. We have been researching what others are doing across the globe and we found a huge range of possibilities. There are people who are building beautiful homes out of all natural and/or recycled materials, along with green space for a vegetable garden and much more. On the other side of things, there are people who are building homes on tiny footprints and living with only the basics. And there are a variety of options in between for both living solo and in eco-communities.

Which is right and which is wrong? Neither.

However, what I notice is that some people approach sustainability from a place of lack or scarcity. You can just feel it in the way they speak about things. I noticed that was not what I wanted – it does not feel good to me. Like anything else, if we come from a place of abundance – in this case, abundance of air to breathe, abundance of water that can be harvested, abundance of sun that can be used for energy, abundance of re-claimed materials that can be used for building without waste – than we can have both things – sustainability in a way that is conscientious and helps to heal our planet while still living in a way that feeds our soul. What that looks like will be different to everyone.

I would be remiss if I did not talk about prosperity here as well. When I say prosperity, I don’t necessarily mean making millions of dollars and it could look like making millions of dollars. You need to decide that for yourself. For me prosperity is not about over-consuming. It is about living in a way that feeds my soul. It means having work that feeds my soul, living in a home and environment that feeds my soul, doing activities that feed my soul and surrounding myself with people that feed my soul.

What does prosperity mean to you? Take your time with this question. Forget about what all the gurus and infomercials say and really ask yourself – be curious – allow the answers to come like whispers in your ear. Ask you soul what it wants each day so that you can start to hear what is really important to you.

My point is that you can have all three – a career or business that makes an impact on the world, sustainability at home and in business and prosperity. They are not mutually exclusive but rather are all important for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and that of our planet.

If you want all three, then being willing to claim that for yourself and then be open to what that looks like for you…As you gain clarity, you will start to see more and more opportunities that match what you want.

Stacey Mayo, the Dream Queen, is a Master Coach, award-winning author of “I Can’t Believe I Get Paid To Do This!” book and creator of The Dream Movie. To learn more and received a free Client and Sales Attraction Accelerator kit, visit the Center for Balanced Living.

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