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Water Efficient Features – Appliances and fixtures can be crucial to how green a home is. Innovations such as low flow shower heads, toilets and faucets use just a fraction of the water that their older counterparts do, as do the newer models of dishwashers and washing machines.

Energy Efficient Features – When it comes to energy consumption, not only is it important for the environment but, in lean economic times, saving money on fuel bills is a big deal as well. There are so many ways that a few relatively simple remodeling projects can dramatically increase a home’s energy efficiency, from replacing older windows and improving insulation to simply switching from traditional light bulbs to Compact Fluorescent ones. For more examples visit the government’s own Energy Star site.

Resource Efficient Features – Making more from less is a key part of the green strategy and recycling goes a long way. Recycled materials are being used to create everything from kitchen cabinets to carpet tile and the use of rapidly renewable natural products like bamboo for both flooring and furniture is increasing as well.

Outdoor Features – How can you possibly talk about the perfect green home without discussing the space outside, the actual green component? An older house or one that is prone to energy loss can be made more efficient simply by planting the right amount of shade trees and plants. According to landscaping experts a truly eco-friendly garden should feature plants that are native to your area and they should be grouped according to their watering requirements.

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